Ch 2.3 ~ An Epic Birthday Party

Journal Entry 3

~An epic birthday party~

Jefferson’s birthday is coming up soon.

Because he and Geraldine are so close she has decided to arrange a birthday bash for him.  He has been spending most of his time at dad’s grave and painting, so she is planning a party at a town venue to cheer him up a bit.

Everyone is looking forward to it.

Mom told him the other night about her adventures in the catacombs.  I think she was trying to cheer him up.  He seemed quite excited about it and little did we know he had a visit planned.

About 3 days ago, after visiting dad’s grave, he decided to venture down there.  We all had a good chuckle (quietly of course), when he got back. He had gotten into a wrestling match with a rabid zombie bear. 0.o

Eeek!  Mauled by a bear.

Not impressed!

He did find a mysterious Mr. Gnome however!  (Mr. Gnome kept on insisting on watching T.V. and getting in the way inside.)

Jefferson at his easel

Jefferson at his easel

Geraldine has become quite a well known artist, and recently she was commissioned to do a piece for a company director’s new office.

Geraldine working on commission painting

Geraldine working on commission painting

She also completed her first novel “Blatant Lies” *, receiving a $40 royalty check for it.  She is currently busy with a sci-fi novel commissioned by a sim in town.

Mom, who did not want to retire as she said we needed the money, got another promotion.  I do not think she can go higher than this in her career.

She is now a Power Broker and earns $359 per hour.  She got an enormous bonus of $3960!

We had a family meeting the other day and decided that all bonus’s and earnings would be going towards building our future Legacy Estate Home.


The day finally arrived for Jefferson’s birthday party.  Geraldine had invited many friends and decided we should all dress formally.  It was at the ‘watering hole’ in town.

Jefferson's birthday

Blowing out candles

Yay, I'm a teen!

Tingly tingly

Get down simmers

Get down simmers

I included so many pics as it was such a success.  This party was labelled as “epic” at the end of it, and there were no deaths or fiery cakes!

* note – Geraldine’s books and royalties will be listed on the profile page I created for her (ch 2.2).





  1. nessva · October 8, 2009

    Hooray for fancy parties!! I didn’t think you could have birthday parties in public places? My pool/birthday party was a massive FAIL because I couldn’t put the cakes on the picnic tables..

  2. worsiedog · October 8, 2009

    Yes, those picnic tables suck! I don’t get why you can’t put the cake on them.. maybe ‘moveobjects on’ would be helpful…or you could go to ‘edit town’ beforehand and then put a proper table somewhere at the pool area before the party then you will be able to place a cake.

    I got Geraldine to arrange a ‘formal’ party at a venue, I had seen the counters on a visit before to the watering hole..

    I put the cake in Geraldine’s inventory(hehe, I guess that is an obvious one) and made sure she got there early to set it up.

    When all the guests arrived I directed Jefferson to blow out his candles…

    He was exhausted and went home on his own accord just after that, but the grown-ups partied on.

  3. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    I’ve never rented a place for a party. I’m playing the Sunset Valley neighborhood and just don’t know how to go about renting a place. Can you please, please tell me how it’s done? 🙂

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      When you arrange the party, there is an option to have it ‘at a venue’, same as how you choose formal, casual clothes etc, when you click that it then shows you the town map and allows you to choose a destination.

      Just make sure that the venue has proper tables to place the cake on if it is a birthday party.

      The sucky thing about Riverview is there is no fridge at the gym! Lol

  4. moondaisy101 · October 10, 2009

    Thank you so much for that!! I know I’ll need it for an upcoming challenge. When I get there I’ll give you credit for the tip. Thank you!!! 🙂

    • worsiedog · October 10, 2009

      Don’t worry about credit (edit) *When clicking cellphone, there is a ‘throw party at’ option. LOL, excuse previous blondness.*

      Something really tragic happened last night :(, I will try to post all the final chapters today.

      Thanks to everyone for reading my legacy so far, as well as for all the tips, encouragement and guidance along the way.

      You have helped me to become a better blogger!

      • moondaisy101 · October 28, 2009

        I’m reading your last comments only now. Somehow I think I did not expect you to reply to a repply of a reply… What happened? 😦

      • moondaisy101 · October 28, 2009

        Silly me! I missed it the first time and I’m doing it again. It’s your little dog! So sorry.

  5. worsiedog · October 29, 2009

    I noticed that wordpress is not sending confirmations of replies to comments atm.

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