Ch 2.2 ~ Geraldine, an introduction

Journal Entry 2

~Geraldine CrinkleWinkle~

Geraldine means “Rules by the spear” .

Geraldine was named after my maternal grandmother.


As Geraldine has just aged up to young adult, I thought it only fitting to mention a little about my sister.

Geraldine is fun, loving and a bit of a home-body.

She gets lost in painting and her world of books.


LTW:- Professional Author *achieved*

Personality traits:- Good, Artistic, Workaholic, Kleptomaniac, Angler.

Favorites:- Classical, Key Lime Pie, Blue.


Geraldine gave up her part-time job at the spa as a Spa Package Seller so that she could focus full-time on her dream of becoming a professional author.

I am not insistant that she leaves the Legacy House, as her and I are very close.

I will update this page regularly with her latest novels and their royalties.

As you can see, Geraldine looks a bit more like mom than I do.

Geraldine CrinkleWinkle
Geraldine CrinkleWinkle

<<–Geraldine’s novels to date–>>

“Blatant lies” (fiction) – $40

“The Holmberg-Wiedler Effect” (Sci-fi) – $103

“The Lavish Lace Llamas” (Trashy) – $197

“The dogs bark no more” (Drama) – $289

“Spencer Funke… the man behind the name” (Commissioned Autobiography) – $298

“The vanishing of Jane” (Mystery) – $843

“The Octispace Nebulae” (Sci-fi) – $173

“Jessie lost her baby” (Drama) – $579

“The Murph Train” (Side- Splitting humour) – $634

“Lovers’ Landing” (Epic Romance) – $2 183





  1. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    I love her cat eyes!
    Mm… quite a few books there. I wonder what her speciality will be? Writing can be so prolific!

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      I think she got a mix of mom and dad’s good genes with her eyes.

      I let her write a bit of everything to see which she seems to enjoy most and which are the most popular with the current townies.

      Time will tell I suppose 😉

  2. moondaisy101 · October 10, 2009

    Ok, fair enough. But you know that once she has written 20 books, Geraldine will write a lot faster? If you make her do books with a small number of pages, she’ll get there in no time…
    It’s the same with painting: once a Sim has produced 30 paintings they develop incredible speed. So making only small paintings to start with can make a huge difference… 🙂

    • worsiedog · October 10, 2009

      Thanks for that tip moondaisy!
      Geraldine has done more than 30, but I never thought to get her to do only small paintings to do it!

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