Ch 2.19 ~ A birthday party

Journal entry 19

~A birthday party~

The day had arrived for the twins, that is the little twins (Augustine and Veronique), to have their birthday.

We decided to have an enormous birthday bash, inviting as many friends as possible.  We deserved it after all, when last had we had a celebration at all?

Evangeline wanted to invite Bobby Lobos, the two of them had gotten close recently and I suspect that secretly she had a crush on him.  He had afterall been unimpressed with RaphaelNinja when he had had eyes for her at the Bistro.  She felt flattered.

"So, it's nice and sunny today isn't it?

"So, it's nice and sunny today isn't it?

"So like I have to go and make snacks, are you going to put your suit on or what?  This is a formal party remember."  *eyeball roll*

"So like I have to go and make snacks, are you going to put your suit on or what? This is a formal party remember." *eyeball roll*

I was inside, getting some food ready for all the guests we were expecting.

Maxi cookingSuddenly I had visions of my last real birthday party with a cake.  At that one Tom Shallow had died *shudder*.  I hoped we weren’t going to have some other catastrophe befall our celebration.

Maxi comtemplating deathThe thought of death and catastrophe made my mind turn to other things…but I shut it out, I could not think about it on a night like this.

The guests had started arriving and I wanted to make this a night to remember for everyone!  I certianly did not want the thought of birthdays to be unpleasant for my girls or Geraldine’s girls for that matter.

I wanted it all to be perfect!

Things did seem to be perfect when my *beefcake* arrived looking rather dashing in a white tuxedo jacket.  I had been secretly worried that all he owned was overalls!

PurrEveryone had a great time dancing!

Dancing the night awayNoone seemed to notice Valentia waiting at the cake to help Augustine blow out her candles… so she took her back upstairs.

Hello, anyone?Geraldine brought Veronique to the cake.

Make a wish Veronique

Make a wish Veronique

(Note Kiley running into the main house in what looks like underwear o.O   Jefferson soon followed in his blue underwear as well… must get to the bottom of that one!)

Geraldine was so excited that her girls were going to be toddlers.  I think she was relieved that they had not been taken away by child services.  She had realised what an absent-minded mom she had been at one stage (after mom had giving her the big lecture).

I guess ghosts make a lasting impression on a person.


Kiley's bum blocking the view *lol*

All grown up

All grown up

World… meet Veronique CrinkleWinkle.

Veronique CrinkleWinkle

Veronique CrinkleWinkle

She looks alot like her dad, Lawrence Lum… who creepily looks alot like James Woods *giggle*

James Woods... err.. I mean... Lawrence Lum

James Woods... err.. I mean... Lawrence Lum

In the meantime… Augustine… had aged up alone… upstairs.

You should not have left me alone.... mommee...

"You should not have left me alone.... mommee..."

She was seriously unimpressed… frankly she made me feel kind of creepy… I felt the need to look over my shoulder.

She was just a toddler for goodness sakes!  I had to get a grip, I think other things were affecting my judgement.

You... should not have left me alone....

"You... should not have left me alone...."

I brushed away the paranoia.

I pretended I did not feel uneasy.

I put on my *fake-store-bought* party smile, and attended to our guests.

Yet… I could not brush away that uncanny sixth sense that one acquires as a master thief…

…all was not well…

…I felt it.





  1. carebear728 · October 16, 2009

    wow creepyy, can’t to see what’s next and I love the name Veronique maybe because my name is Veronica haha

    • worsiedog · October 16, 2009

      😀 glad you like the name.. I had a plan in the beginning to give everyone a unique or unusual name that would be remembered.

      Veronique means “honest”… I had a friend called Veronique once.. I guess that is why it popped in my head.

      Pleased to meet you Veronica:D

      • carebear728 · October 19, 2009

        haha of course it means honest, mine means true image of God!, though I named one of my sims Veronica after myself and Regine after my middle name in the love of matriarchy

  2. Rad · October 16, 2009

    Are the underwear sims insane or inappropriate? Those traits make them wear odd clothes at odd times. Do I spy an evil sim?

    • worsiedog · October 17, 2009

      I think underwear sims could be both? I have never had one yet myself… so I am not sure.

      So far Jefferson only knows that Kiley is a virtuoso, friendly and if I remember the other one was great kisser. He has not proposed yet.

      Evil sim?? hmmm.. was it perhaps the glare that gave you a hint?

  3. moondaisy101 · October 18, 2009

    “All is not well…” That sounds ominous… Is it still the evil emperor or…
    Come on, worsiedog, keep writing! I really want to know what happens next! 🙂

  4. worsiedog · October 19, 2009

    LOL… I’m glad you enjoying it..

    I’ve taken awhile with these last few chapters as I had to do alot of thinking about getting the mood right and also just finding a way to fitting it all in to create continuity later.

    I posted the next chapter a minute ago!

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