Ch 2.18 ~ Life goes on

Journal Entry 18

~Life goes on~

It is sad to say, but true.

Life continues like the ebbing tide of the sea and sometimes we just get swept up in the many moments without realising that time is pressing on.

Living for today, one never stops to think that this might be the last one you will live in, this might be your final sunset, your final kiss, your last cup of cappucino.

I realised this in a way that noone would want to.

I started receiving death threats…

“He” was the Emporor of Evil. He was someone even I was afraid of.  I dared not utter his name.  I was a threat to him.  There was only one way to despatch of me.

Finally, even though I had stood firm in days when I had had doubts, my family was threatened.  When I went home that night, when the fear had finally consumed me, all I could think to do was garden.


It gave me peace… it gave me healing.

The methodical picking and weeding and watering soothed my restless soul.

I needed to think of some way… some how… to feel this peace in the rest of my life… to not fear for my family.

Who could I depend on?  Who could I ask?  In a world of thieves, the expression “as thick as thieves” only applies when the going is not “tough”. There are not many to depend on through the proverbial “thick and thin”.

I felt desperate, but life had to continue on.  I could not let my family know that there was this menacing presence that threatened all we held dear.

I had to smile.  I had to be fake.

I hated it.


Maxi and Augustine

I looked at my nieces and felt guilty that because of me, their lives might be over before they had even begun.

Maxi and Veronique

I held them close and soothed them, even though I knew I was only reassuring myself.

I felt guilty about Evangeline… so innocent… so pure… with so many expectations and dreams for her future.

EvangelineI felt guilty about Valentia… so carefree and innocent… with only thoughts of happiness her constant companion.


I thought of dear Geraldine… she was trying so hard to be less *absent-minded* since mom had given her the lecture.

Geraldine paintingGeraldine cookingGeraldine is a good mom finallyI thought of my baby brother Jefferson… always trying to be a good friend, just starting out in love… so young… so blissfully unaware.

Jefferson chattingJefferson playing gamesJefferson playing guitar thinking of Kiley

I gave my ‘undivided’ attention to Joss, even though my mind was elsewhere.

Maxi speaking to JossI got up in the morning and put on my “fake-store-bought” smile, and pretended that I only lived for today, and that I did not think about tomorrow.

I am happyAll wetWhat funI shut my eyes to the hypocricy of it all…

I hate myself… and, I hated myself!

~Note from worsiedog~

*inspired by Mr Parachute, even though he is blissfully unaware that he did so*





  1. nessva · October 15, 2009

    Oh dear. This is not good at all.

    Maxi should just take the Emperor of Evil out and claim the position for herself. -nods-

    • worsiedog · October 16, 2009

      I wish she had the *killer instinct* to do that!

      This chapter took awhile as I was trying to figure out exactly how the next bit in the legacy was going to unfold.

      Not to give too much away yet but due to unforseen circumstance I had to adapt the story, but I didn’t know quite how I was going to do it.

      As usual, the idea I had in mind grew into something different and then the game added surprises that gave everthing a whole new dimension entirely.

      I am pleased with the result and hopefully this chapter will help to add the required continuity later on in the Legacy.

  2. Rad · October 16, 2009

    Poor Maxi. But lovely garden!!

    • worsiedog · October 16, 2009

      LOL I am a perfectionist in real life and it moved across in that garden.

      When they plant “unknown seeds” you always get this moesh mash garden.

      One day I sat in built mode and moved everthing. So now I have 4 neat perfectly alligned beds with bush variety, trees, climbers and “unknowns” waiting to find out where to be placed in the veggie garden.

      *Sigh*, yes I know it’s sad… LOL

      Anyway, I was so pleased with myself I took lots of garden pics after that to admire the results as it were, and those garden pics just happened to fit into the flow of the story perfectly!

  3. moondaisy101 · October 18, 2009

    Oh my, this is an interesting turning. I did not see this evil emperor thing coming at all, but then if you live and work in the underworld…

    In a world of thieves, the expression “as thick as thieves” only applies when the going is not “tough”. There are not many to depend on through the proverbial “thick and thin”.

    I love this passage, thought it was quite deep and philosophical. I’m sure maxi will handle the ‘problem’ beautifully.

  4. worsiedog · October 19, 2009

    Thanks moondaisy 😀

    I am glad you liked this chapter… as is sims, the game took an unexpected turn which even I did not expect.. I had to get really hopefully the result of my ramblings will eventually be a success.

    All will become clear 😉

  5. amberiasoasis · October 22, 2009

    This is a really beautifully written chapter. Well done. *applaud*

    My “plans” for my family always end up changing over time. I’m completely OCD and actually have a storyboard for my sims (sort of…it’s in an excel sheet lol) that I’m constantly changing, updating, erasing completely. That’s one of my favorite things about writing fiction around a game like this…there’s no way even for you to know exactly what will happen or how. Makes an interesting read too 🙂

    • worsiedog · October 22, 2009

      Thanks 😀 *blush*

      I have a “notebook”, erm..and not the computer variety, lol.. one of those flipover secretary notepad things..
      I jot down events that happen and thoughts as I go along.

      However, with the turn this story has had to take, I worked out a plot, which became like a dust bunny monster under the bed and just “snowballed”?? Hehe
      There is lots of intrigue and alot more depth and I can’t wait to start posting the new chapters when my exam is done!

      • moondaisy101 · October 28, 2009

        I can’t wait either!! (lol)

  6. worsiedog · October 29, 2009

    Next chapter is up Moondaisy 😀 sorry it is a day late!

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