Ch 2.16 ~ Ghostly visitors

Journal Entry 16

~Ghostly visitors~

Mom had been visiting us for awhile now, but only recently had dad started visiting us at night.

Here he is on the first night he appeared.

Jon comes a-knockingI was making dinner.  Being so many girls in the house, we mostly just walked around in our underwear, luckily Jefferson didn’t seem to stressed about it!

Check my knife action!

Check my knife action!

Evangeline was completely unphased by the ‘ghost’ in the house and immediately went and introduced herself to her Grampa.  That’s right, he died before she was born, so of course formal introductions were the right thing to do!  Evangeline, being a good sim, felt this was all perfectly natural behaviour!

How do you do, Grampa?

How do you do, Grampa?

She even told him a funny ghost story.

And then the Yeti ate Agnes Crumplebottom's bookcase!Dad was always very polite, and waved before he left the house if someone was around.



He would finish off with a nap on Jefferson’s old bed (perhaps because he sensed mom lay there on different occasions as well)

Mom getting comfy*note from worsiedogsorry about the green arrows, my game randomly does this sometimes and I don’t know why! GRRR*

Getting comfy…before vanishing in a film of mist at curfew time around 8:30 am.


Mom came and gave Geraldine a lecture about her parenting skills… *lol*

You need to focus, Geraldine!…before going off to play computer games (her favorite passtime)…

Morti playing computerthough she did decide to possess the downstairs bedroom furniture once, for some reason only she knows!


One might have thought that having ghost friends and all, Jefferson would have been less shocked when he saw dad playing video games in the TV room one morning!

A g..g..g..ghost?  Hang on a minute, it's dad!

Valentia… well Valentia had a freak out! *lol*

OMG!! Holy moly... it's a ghost!!  Freaking out here...

OMG!! Holy moly... it's a ghost!! Freaking out here...

Jefferson sat down and started playing with dad, and don’t they so look like father and son?  They even chatted about Jefferson’s career.

Like father like sonSo you got promoted?Meanwhile, Valentia continued to have silent panic attacks in the background (in her underwear -lol-). err...the ghost is friends with Jefferson? err...the ghost is friends with Jefferson?

Dad  had decided he was peckish and helped himself to something to nibble on.

What's for dinner?Aww… look, he likes my autumn salad!

SmileEven though he was tired, he chatting a bit with Evangeline before curfew was up.

So what are your views on a wireless mouse cos I hate the ones with tails.He did not realise, that in all this time, upstairs …

I love playing games!… sat the love of his life, wondering where he was too.





  1. nessva · October 14, 2009

    Aww, John and Morti didn’t see each other?? sad.

    Can ghosts interact? I still only have one on my property and haven’t really played with ghosts at all.

  2. worsiedog · October 14, 2009

    No they did not 😦
    I am very very sad about this fact.

    Ghosts interact with each other at the cemetery that I have seen, and in CareBear’s “Love of Matriachy”, she has a cemetery scene or rather a ‘ghost scene’ on the legacy lot with the ghosties.

    So I think they do, but perhaps it just takes time?

    Alas, time was up in this legacy.

    • nessva · October 14, 2009

      Oh yeah! I remember that from Love of Matriarchy. durr. xD

      You’ll have plenty more nights for possible interaction right? You’re only on Gen 2…I’m confused by your “Alas, time was up in this legacy”, confusion confusion.

      • worsiedog · October 15, 2009

        You’ll find out in the next 2 chapters.. don’t worry I have a plan!

  3. Rad · October 14, 2009

    My ghosts don’t seem to interact much – although in the early days Lianndra and Molly French’s ghost (before I moved Molly to the cemetary) used to have coffee together. The shots of the gaming with ghosts are cool!

    BTW, you might want to box your ghosts in if there get to be lots of them. I’ve foud ghosts that appeared before I boxed them in still come over, but none of the others do.

    • worsiedog · October 15, 2009

      Box the ghosts in?? LOL.. as in a house with no doors??

      • Rad · October 15, 2009

        I have a mausoleum – effectively it’s a house with no doors but it has full length windows all around it.

  4. worsiedog · October 15, 2009

    AH YES, i remember seeing it in one of your chapters… it has glass walls, but I did not realise it had no doors… lol.. i guess that is one way of doing it, do they come out of the graves at night if they have nowhere to go?

    I can imagine when you have many of them, they take over in the house with the computer, video games, beds, etc..

    That was why I left the ‘spare’ house for Morti and Jon, but though they sleep there, they seemed to spend more time in the house where everyone stays afterwards.

    • Rad · October 15, 2009

      Yes, some of them come out of the graves but just do the annoyed ‘stuck’ action. For some reason this doesn’t work on sims that died before the mausoleum arrived. I have five sim ghosts from gens 1-3 that come out on a regular or occasional basis. I’m not sure why some ghosts come out more than others.

  5. carebear728 · October 16, 2009

    Lol, my ghosts did interact with one another but it took time. They liked to talk and dance together

  6. moondaisy101 · October 18, 2009

    I love the ghost stories. Don’t worry Jon and Mortie will catch up in the end, they’re bound to. They are both white gosts so they’ll do a lot of interactions with sims and objects alike. The ghosts of sims that die with a totally depeleted need (e.g. starvation – hunger) will be mostly focused on fulfilling that one need when they haunt.

    • worsiedog · October 19, 2009

      Although Jon died of old age, I think he was hungry. He was thinking about food just before Morti kissed him when he died.

      He does have the hungry thought often as a ghost, but this was the first and only time I had seen him go to the fridge and help himself.

      Morti has also only even possessed the furniture once, and it was around the time Geraldine was been such an idiot mom and babies were crying upstairs.. maybe that is why.

  7. moondaisy101 · October 20, 2009

    Aw…sweet. Then it is as if she goes into making the furniture fly to make a sign of some sort. 🙂

  8. amberiasoasis · October 22, 2009

    My game does that thing with the green arrows a lot too. It’s really annoying. Usually, if I see it doing that, I can click over to “buy mode” and then straight back to live mode and it quits.

    • worsiedog · October 22, 2009

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll try that.

  9. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    I get the green arrow, too. I also take the approach Amberiasoasis suggested, but I add another step: Cursing!

    • worsiedog · November 12, 2009

      LOL, yes I was doing the cursing first… most unladylike and certianly in the sailor department… but then after reading Amberiasoasis’s comment I do that click click thing and the arrow vanishes… THANK THE LORD!

      *curses EA under breathe for releasing this game before it was ready, to boost sales for xmas bonus’s*

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