Ch 2.13 ~ A big night out

Journal Entry 13

~A big night out~

As for the babysitter with an agenda! Hmmppfff!

He had his beady little eyes set on our family ‘fortune’.  Lol, little did he know that even though we had a big house, we mostly had no money in the bank and were still living ‘hand to mouth’.

He decided to hedge his bets and try his luck with both my girls!

I only have eyes for you, Valentia.

I only have eyes for you, Valentia.

Pfft! Please!

I know what you up to Mister!!!

I know what you up to Mister!!!

Clever little girl Augustine!  You keep your beady eye on him for aunty Maxi.

Luckily, my girls aren’t that stupid.  They discussed it while doing homework on the Monday.

Doing homework“Tom flirted with me in the passage yesterday.”

“What? He flirted me when I was playing with Augustine”

“Pfft!  He said he wants to travel the world with me!”

“More likely, he wants you to work while he travels the world with your money!”

“Guys are such morons!”

*double eyeball roll*

Saterday came along and the girls were very excited, Evangeline had read a review on the Bistro in town and was dying to try it out.

EvangelineBecause they had been working hard all week with schoolwork, I let them go.  Geraldine and I never went out together when we were teens as we never had any spare money.

Judging by Valentia’s enthusiasm for food, I am sure they would have lots of fun!

Lickity lick

Lickity lick

They dressed in their ‘Sunday Best’ and jumped into the taxi, excited about who they might meet.  Word was out that the famous architect RaphealNinja* would often be seen enjoying the atmosphere there.

In the taxi

“Oh my God!  Lookie lookie Valentia, it’s him!”

*Hysterical squeal*


LOOKIE LOOKIEBobby Lobos seemed less than thrilled to see him for some reason.

Jerk!Bobby asked Evangeline if he could sit with her while she ate, before she could say she was with Valentia he plonked himself in Valentia’s place.  Perhaps he likes her?

Valentia, however, did not sit by herself for long… RaphealNinja made a beeline for the seat opposite her! *lol*

RaphealNinja gets cosy with ValentiaThen he *eavesdropped* on Bobby and Evangeline’s conversation.

Creepy guy on the rightMeanwhile, Jefferson had just finished work next door and decided to check in on the girls.  Valentia had gone inside for cappucino and changed her clothes for some reason… teenagers i guess.  *rolls eyes*

Valentia really admired her uncle, he was a virtuoso like her, afterall.

Jefferson and Valentia chattingRaphealNinja headed  for Evangeline again 0.O


Jefferson, spied on him out the corner of his eye!

Sheesh, Evangeline!! He is too old for you.  *no offence, RaphealNinja -lol-*

Chatting with RaphealNinjaHearts?? o.O

In the nick of time perhaps, lol, Jefferson called Evangeline and told her it was time to go home!

Huh, aww, already?

All in all, the evening was alot of fun for the girls.  Let’s just hope that Evangeline gets over her ‘crush’ on RaphealNinja!


*worsiedog’s note

RaphealNinja is available from the exchange, for the life of me I cannot remember who his creator is even though I did spend all of Sunday trying to find him again.

Whoever it may be, thanks so much for making mr RaphealNinja, LOL! I lurvs him!

I added him because the story progression doesn’t seem to be working properly in my game*grr*, and I put new townies in to procreate future possible partners.  I thought RaphealNinja’s genes would add some hotties!





  1. moondaisy101 · October 13, 2009

    This is such a nice update. It’s great to see the girls ‘in action’. LOL about the author’s note… I was seriously wondering who this guy was and whether I should know him until I read that. 🙂

  2. worsiedog · October 14, 2009

    RaphealNinja is responsible for some awesome housing creations, one notably being his floating yaght home, and one of my favorites the sims3 toddler potty race! :D(well that he collaborated with Asante)

    I never expected to see him there at the Bistro that night, and well, I was rather shocked since I did give him a wife, and he was out and about in town without her!

    lol.. and he just kept making beeline’s for Evangeline, so I had to add it into the story.

  3. Ryanne · October 26, 2009

    I am looking for Rapheal on the exchange, but I can’t find him!! Where is he? Can I get some direction please? lol thanks!


    • worsiedog · October 26, 2009

      Hi Ryanne, I spent hours searching for RaphealNinja, so that I could give credit to the appropriate simmer to no avail.

      The only thing I can think of to do, if you want him badly, is to upload him on the exchange, giving credit to whoever it may be, when doing so. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the person.

      I have even looked in RaphealNinja’s portfolio and it is not there either.

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