Ch 2.12 ~ The absent-minded mom

Journal Entry 12

~The absent-minded mom~

With all the excitement with the finishing off of the legacy home as well as the whole Kentucky Fried Sim debacle over, things went back to semi-normal.

I loved my job as a Master Thief, for one thing, I never got arrested anymore (bonus!!).   I forgot to show you the nifty little trophy I received from my boss for reaching the top.  Call it the Oscar of Thievery perhaps, if you will(pity it’s not real gold!).

Master Thieves throphy

I was the mastermind behind one of the biggest and most famous heists in Riverview history!  Let’s just say that one morning when the mayor arrived at work, the icon of the city, The Golden Llama statue, was missing and I was $4000 richer.  *snicker*


I thought future generations might be interested in seeing the original floor plan for the New Legacy Home.

The first floor

The first floor

On the first floor we have a gym, library, creative room, formal lounge, tv room off kitchen with open plan dining area, guest loo and two spare bedrooms with a shared bathroom.

This is still a work in process, hence the large open area.

The second floor

The second floor

This floor includes all the bedrooms, 5 of which are en-suite, a nursery leading to a playroom and another bedroom which shares the nursery bathroom at this stage.  There is also a computer room with its own loo and 2 balconies.

As you can see by the open space this is also not complete but a work in progress as money allows.

There is also an undeveloped basement under both the main Legacy House as well as the First Generation starter home, which can be used at a later stage.

There is a small family cemetery in the back garden just off the entrance to the dining room.

The CrinkleWinkle Resting Place

The CrinkleWinkle Resting Place

We decided to keep mom’s original home on the property as a museum of sorts and a reminder of where we started.  Mom, or at least the spirit of mom, still goes there alot and uses the TV, computer and beds.

Morti having a nap

Morti having a nap

Geraldine, I am sad to say, is one of the most absent-minded mom’s I have come across!  I don’t understand it, as she has not one absent-minded bone in her body, but she just seems to ‘forget’ she has kids on some days.

Thankfully the house is full of family more than willing to lend a hand when Geraldine’s head is in the clouds.

Maxi and Veronique

Valentia with Augustine

She has been absorbed in her latest novel though, and also spends alot of time painting as usual.  She has been trying to get Valentia and Evangeline to pose for family portraits, but they always have an excuse.

“My hair is not right today”

“I’m too tired, and besides I have homework”

Teenagers I guess.

Geraldine, the absent-minded mom!Geraldine!! What are you doing!!  Your babies are crying again!

Waaaaa!!!! Where's my mommy?

Waaaaa!!!! Where's my mommy?

Oi vei

Geraldine!!! WAKE UP!!

Geraldine!!! WAKE UP!!

Where's mommy??

Where's mommy??




Who's a sad baby?

Who's a sad baby?

Eek! I need to pee!

Eek! I need to pee!

Frankly I don’t care if you need the loo, Geraldine!  Your babies are crying again!! *eyeball roll*

Needless to say, this young gentleman became a regular “visitor” in our home.

Tom Pickett, the flirty babysitter

Tom Pickett, the babysitter (with an agenda)

Hopefully the babies will grow up ok and all this crying won’t have a negative effect on their personalities!





  1. nessva · October 13, 2009

    The house looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome! Great idea keeping the starter home on the lot as well.

    Geraldine does indeed some pretty absent-minded 😀

  2. worsiedog · October 13, 2009

    Thanks.. I am nostalgic and romantic and all that.. lol.. I could not just ‘bulldoze’ the original starter.

    Morti and Jon use it often.. though still seperately 😦 They have not found each other again yet. This is very sad.. as they never will:(

    I did not get the whole Geraldine thing.. she does not have an absent-minded trait, so I really was baffled at her bad parenting skills, especially since she was rather ‘hands on’ with Jefferson?

  3. moondaisy101 · October 13, 2009

    I don’t think I’ve seen anybody else take pics of crying babies ever. It’s such a good idea! I hope Geraldine gets her mommy-act together. Those babies are just too cute!

  4. worsiedog · October 14, 2009

    This part of the game was very frustrating…I had to focus alot on the babies as I did not want them taken away by foster care.

    Maxi had to keep her relationship with Joss going, and I would send Jefferson to town to meet people.

    Geraldine would happily paint away, or sit in the starter home writing her book(no computers in the legacy home at this stage) and completely ignore the fact that her kids were screaming!

    I thought to take the baby pics as they were literally crying almost all the time, and I felt sorry for the little grubs.

  5. moondaisy101 · October 28, 2009

    I’ve only thought of telling you this now. If you give your babies a teddybear they’ll get the ‘comfort’ moodlet. Just put the teddy bear in their personal inventory. You can give them a ‘flame fruit’ for cosy warmth as well! 🙂

  6. worsiedog · October 29, 2009

    I never bothered to check babies personal inventories before! LOL

  7. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    Oooo be sure to give the babes their own flame fruits along with the teddy bears if you can manage it!

    And HOLY CRAP that is a big house. I like that you kept the starter house though. 😀

    • worsiedog · November 12, 2009

      LOL, in hind sight the house is a bit …what is the word??… LARGE?

      But I have a plan for the gen3 house so never fear!
      I am a nostalgic fool, it would be unnatural not to keep the founding house.

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