Gen 2

An Introduction

Well, as you know, I am Maximillion.  First daughter of Morticia CrinkleWinkle.

I am the next heir to continue with the CrinkleWinkle Legacy.  A daunting thought indeed.

My mom named me Maximillion, as she hoped this would bring me lots of wealth as she had to start her life over after her dad died.

My dad is Jon Lessen, but sadly he recently passed on.


I thought I would mention a bit about myself before I start recording the events in my family.

I have a sister, Geraldine, and a brother Jefferson.  When they become adults I will mention more about their personalities in the journal.


My LTW ->  Master Thief. *achieved*

Personality traits -> Loves outdoors, Couch potato, Excitable, Kleptomaniac, Natural Cook.

Favorites -> Latin, Macaroni and Cheese, Aqua.


I have a passion for gardening and spend many hours outside pursuing this interest.

I also love collecting rocks and gems, and this has helped to supplement my family funds.

I love to cook, however I am still perfecting this talent.  Luckily I do not burn anything though.


Maximillion CrinkleWinkle

Maximillion CrinkleWinkle




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