Chapter 1.9

Well, I certianly had a lot to think about.  That night after Jon left, I did not get much sleep.

I took out my frustrations on those “flipping weeds”  **LOL** in the garden.

The next morning I stared at the number in my hand and my cell phone, too nervous to make the call.  I looked at Maxi and knew that I would not want her to grow up without a daddy present in her life as I had without my mom.

With trembling fingers I punched the number into the phone and waited for the call to be picked up on the other side.  I had phoned so early the receptionist was not there and Dr. Wilson answered the phone himself.

When I told him my name was Morticia CrinkleWinkle, he told me that Jon had mentioned to him I might call.  He said that although he could not reveal the name of the person who had requested Jon’s erm.. genetics *lol*, because of breach of confidentiality, he could confirm, with Jon’s pre-given permission, that Jon had delivered a sample and that said cup had successfully sowed its oats in the belly of Ms. X.

Well in more technical terms that that, but I could not remember all the waffle.

The relief I felt and the weight that lifted off my heart was immense.  I ran out into the garden and played in the sprinkler like a lunatic and my heart sang with joy.

I called Jon and asked him to come over, his voice sounded so happy and he rushed over straight away.

Jon and I get serious

I did not want to lose this man that I loved so dearly, I asked him if he would like to go steady.  He said YES!! YAY, I was so overjoyed.

We just held each other in the garden for ages and I cried on his shoulder and held onto him tightly.  He smelled so heavenly, it reminded me of the smell of pine needles and the relieved scorched earth after a spring thundershower.   My knees went like jelley and I gazed up into his eyes.  The man I loved with all my heart had finally commited himself to ME.

**HAH!! take that Ms. Constance! I mean Ms. X  *cough* oops, did i say that??**

We kissed long and slow, and I swayed in his arms as my head was spinning with emotion and raw animal magnetism.

**sheesh get the fire hose… this man was HOT!**

Jon and I in the garden

Of course we had to discuss it inevitably.  He told me that I had made an enemy of Constance and that proberbly this would be affecting my work performance when I got back.

I said I did not care and in a moment of brilliance **giggle**, even if I do dare say so myself…

I replied, in the immortal words of Ms. Scarlett…

“I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”





  1. burtonlegacy · September 17, 2009

    Just can’t trust those famous rockers! lol

    Nice story – I’m wondering whether she’ll continue with him or say forget it and find some local guy for a hubby… or….

    • worsiedog · September 17, 2009

      *rolls eyes* 😀 I dunno, look at her, she is rather smitten with the man. Morticia is kind of independent though, some of the other men she has dated found that intimidating.

      Thanks so much for replying and I am glad you enjoyed reading my legacy.
      Btw, I went to bed late last night and forgot to add your link after I’d visited your sight, please drop the link here so that I can add it to my link roll thingy me bob.

  2. heather · September 17, 2009

    Love the legacy! Want more 🙂

    • worsiedog · September 18, 2009

      Thanks very much:) I am glad you enjoyed reading my legacy.

      I got sidetracked yesterday with trying to find a Riverview pic to put in my header and making a forum signature, so I will have 3 chapters up today.

      I am also going to put up a pic of Morti – since I was having a ‘blonde’ moment about that before.

  3. jennybets · September 24, 2009

    HI, I just started reading your legacy and I’m liking it a lot. Usually they bore me and I don’t ever finish. I finally found one that’s keeping my interest! I’m commenting here, after this chapter, because that is where I’ve left off reading. Anyway it’s great. Great name, too. I’m going to try to request you as a friend, if I can figure it out. Hope you’ll accept and maybe read my legacy as well. It is called the Many Bears legacy. I’ve posted 21 chapters so far.

    Anyway, awesome, keep it going

    • worsiedog · September 30, 2009

      Thanks so much for your positive feedback. I really enjoy writing this and I am glad that others are enjoying it as well.

      I was on holiday for a week so excuse the late reply.

      I must say the story did not go completely as I expected it to as sometimes our sims do things we do not expect 😀
      I had this rough idea of what I wanted it to be, but literally as I play, the story unfolds and then Morticia adds her flair and personality to the journal and i submit it.

      Thanks again.

  4. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    That’s it, worsiedog! When a story rolls, let it roll! I actually start to like this rocker now…

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      Yes, he is charming isn’t he.. *swoon*

      But you right about a story rolling.. I think Jon was my muse for awhile.

  5. amberiasoasis · October 16, 2009

    love the gone with the wind reference…quite possibly the best movie OF ALL TIME

    • worsiedog · October 16, 2009

      I inherited the “original” movie book(with movie set photographs) release from my grandma!

      Scarlett, was also excellent.. she lost her “dumb blond” ways, and turned out to be a really endearing character and a “very strong woman”

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