Chapter 1.6

I am still reeling in shock regarding Constance Shelley, but I have not been able to get hold of Jon to talk to him about it.  I did not mention to Constance who the father of my baby was.

As the CrinkleWinkle “murphy’s law” luck would have it, things went from bad to worse very quickly.  My confounded loo got blocked again for the gazzillionth time!  Oh how I pray for the day when I have enough simoleans to buy that fancy unbreakable loo!

And of course, the gods where not done with me yet, as when I got out of the shower with thoughts  of unblocking my toilet on my mind ….. the shower sprung a leak!!!  Now I ask with tears in my eyes, WHY ME??!!!


I did not have money for a repairman so I had to fix it myself.

So there I was in my heavily pregnant state plunging away into the wee morning hours…. thinking only of sleep and my aching back.

Being a neat freak, perfectionist, i could not go to sleep until I’d fixed the shower first as well of course, if only I knew what lay ahead.  The gods felt they had not issued enough of their wrath on me yet.

Ever heard of that expression “A picture says a thousand words”?  Well…


The shocked look on my face says it all, YUP, I went into labour right there in my unfinished~puddle on the floor~bathroom.

How undignified!  This was certianly not the rosy-tinted version of life I had envisioned for myself.

All the mom’s say to you, imagine the worst pain possible and multiply that by 1000 and that is how giving birth feels… guess what … they lied… it’s much much worse. *lol*

Why didn't I paint the walls!!!!

I stared at the bleak grey walls opposite which would one day be my kitchen and cursed myself for not having the forsight to decorate it!

I cursed the gods for bringing this all on me right at this very moment of complete inconvenience.

Most of all I cursed Jon Lessen!!

But it carried on…

The pain!

and on….

Glory glory hallelluyah

and on… *tsk tsk, look at me thinking of a promotion at a time like this!*

Until finally…

My little miracle

My little miracle

My little miracle was born.  I named her Maximillion, hoping that the ~maxi~ and the ~million~ together in one name would bring her bounds of wealth and that she would have a charmed future.

Maximillion CrinkleWinkle

But you know what? At this very moment, when I stared into her eyes and she stared into mine, I forgot all about the pain.





  1. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    This is so funny and so sweet all at the same time! Go, Morti, go!

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      Morti was really peeved with Jon, there were alot of cross through Jon’s face word bubbles, and she went and had a big moan with her friend Sherman Bagley*, which I did not include.

      Also a few random meetings in town where I let her do her own thing, the topic of convo for her seems to be the Jon Lessen word bubble..

      LOL, would’nt want to cross her.. anyway, I tried to get that frustration and pent up anger across in this chapter.

      *I did not add in my story that Sherman Bagley was struck 37 times by lightning just after Jefferson was born. *

  2. moondaisy101 · October 10, 2009

    “Struck by lightening”…? Never saw that happen in one of my games. Ooh, I wish you had put a pic in of that!

    • worsiedog · October 10, 2009

      I read it in the newspaper, and indeed, they were conducted some kind of experiment at home and about 6 townies got killed at once.

  3. Lisa · October 28, 2009

    Maybe that’s why Sherman Bagley is cowardly. *snickers*

    • worsiedog · October 28, 2009

      o.O he is? Dang, I didn’t know, he was potential mate material at one stage, but maybe cos I got swooned cos I met him in uniform LOL

      But, in the end I decided to keep him as a male BFF

  4. MrParachute · November 2, 2009

    Congrats Morticia! This is getting more and more interesting!

    • worsiedog · November 2, 2009

      You ain’t seen nothing yet 😉

      Thanks for taking time out of your busy busy schedule to catch up a bit more.

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