Chapter 1.20

This will be my final journal entry before I hand the task over to Maxi.  I must say I will miss it.

I decided to continue working and not retire as Geraldine and Jefferson were still in school and Maxi was just starting out career wise.  I had been promoted to CEO and had finally achieved my LTW.

Speaking of which, remember I had this romantic vision of Maxi joining a science career when she left school?  Well, that bombed! **lol** Here is Maxi telling me what her LTW and future career plans are…

I want to steal stuff mom!

I want to steal stuff mom!

I love the thrill of a police siren at my rear *oi vei*

I love the thrill of a police siren at my rear 0__o *oi vei*

If you had not guessed it yet…

LTW – Master thief!! (needless to say I hardly look impressed).

Great!! LOL, just what we needed.  I guess however her natural kleptomaniac tendencies would be beneficial.

*Wondering about how the whole couch potato trait will work with this? *

And that was the start of Maxi’s criminal career.

Anyway, I am sure that when Maxi takes over she will tell you all about herself before she starts the journal.

Little Jefferson was about to have a birthday.  We invited lots of friends… somehow, I am not quite sure why, we never got to the cake part :/

Jefferson ages up

Oh… a side thought, as you can see we all have bicycles to get around town, explains our toned physique’s I guess.

yay, i can go to school

Jon and I still flirted like teenagers. When I thought about the beginning of our journey and the whole dna donor issue *eyeball roll*, I had to laugh.  It had only made our relationship stronger.   Even though we had never married, we were completely committed to each other.

Jon and I

It seemed we had another creative youngun’ in our family.  Jefferson spent many hours in front of the easel.  In fact, I had to buy another one as he and Geraldine would fight for easel space.

Jefferson paintingGeraldine started her first novel, just before she was about to graduate.  She still had her part-time job, and she spent lots of time painting, but it seemed as though she might be inclined to become a full-time author in the future.

Geraldine writing first novel

Jefferson and Geraldine spent alot of time together and he really looked up to her.  Both being creative like their dad they had a common bond that drew them closer.

homework timeNot long after my last promotion I was promoted to Chairman of the Board.  I was now earning $330 an hour and had more days off.

Jon and I spent more time together as he had also slowed down in his career.  Not a long while after my promotion, my happiness was marred by an inevitable tragedy.

Broken heartMy best friend, lover and soul mate passed on.

At Jon's graveI had gone over to his house for dinner. We shared a final kiss, though I did not know then it was our last.

Goodbye, my darling

Goodbye, my darling

He looked into my eyes and whispered that he loved me.

Perhaps he knew it was time… and then in an instant my world was shattered and he was gone.

My heart, my love, I'll miss you.

My heart, my love, I'll miss you.

My heart is deadGoodbye my love…

“I will never find another lover

Sweeter than you

Sweeter than you

I will never find another lover

More precious than you

More precious than you

Boy you are

Close to me you like my mother

Close to me you like my father

Close to me you  like my sister

Close to me you like my brother

And you are the only one… my everything

And for you this song I sing

All my life

I prayed for someone like you

And I thank God

That I finally found you

All my life

I prayed for someone like you

And I hope that you feel the same way too

Yes, I pray that you do love me too”

Adapted from KCI and JO-JO ~ All my life

Worsiedog’s note:-  In case you wondered about the photo sequence.

Jon died and I did not get all the screenshots as I was so shocked, then the power went out 😦 when it was on again, I replayed  as I had not saved. I played exactly like it happened earlier and then managed to catch the screenshots.  Hence, the cemetery photos been numbered before the death scene ones.





  1. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    What a lovely poem… and I also love the fact they got to look into each others eyes before Grimmy appeared. Sad, but poignant that it happened in the bathroom where Morti gave birth to two children… This is a really good story, worsiedog! *sniff*

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      Thanks moondaisy.

      Yes 😦 it was so devastating when Jon died. Morti was never the same again.

      All my life is a song by KCI and JoJo. You would really be wailing if it was playing as you read the words.

      I had it playing while writing this chapter and I was crying I must confess.. LOL… sheesh.. I am really over-emotional!

  2. amberiasoasis · October 17, 2009

    Ok, story. When I know I’m going to have to go somewhere and wait for awhile without internet access, I’ll pick a legacy I haven’t read yet and open all the chapters in a bunch of tabs so I’ll have something to read. That’s what I did today. When I opened my laptop, it was on this chapter and I read through the whole thing thinking “I just can not remember her having two more kids and becoming an elder.” It never occurred to me that this was actually the last tab open and I had skipped 10 chapters until I got to the end. It is too early for me to function, apparently.

    This still made me nearly cry though. It probably will once I’ve read the chapters before it. Ok…heading back to 1.11

  3. worsiedog · October 18, 2009

    LOL… you sound like me… that is exactly the kind of thing I would have done.

    It was really really sad when Jon Lessen died:( *sniff sniff*

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