Chapter 1.19

Back at work again, I worked harder than ever **if that is possible**, and finally the slaving had paid off.  I got promoted to Vice president!  I was now earning $152 per hour and I got a tidy bonus of $1476!

I felt like a millionaire.  A far cry indeed from my tiny start of $156 a day! **lol**

I used the money to buy some pretty flowers for the front porch area and also bought our first bbq.

The CrinkleWinkle Founding Home

The CrinkleWinkle Founding Home

Impressing myself at the BBQ

Impressing myself at the BBQ

Geraldine had gotten a part time job as a spa specialist and she had been saving for ages to buy herself a computer.  I helped her out with that and she was so excited about it.

She had expressed a keen interest in wanting to become an author and spent many hours at the library computer practicing.  At least now she could be at home more with her own one.

When she was not working herself to exhaustion or practicing her writing, she was a fishing fanatic.  This came about when she had to catch some fish for a science project at school.

Geraldine's first catch!  **magnifying glass needed - lol**

Geraldine's first catch! **magnifying glass needed - lol**

Maxi was studying for her finals, soon she would be a young adult and I wondered what route she would take career wise.

I thought perhaps that science would be a possibility as she loved the outdoors and spent much time collecting rocks, gems and butterflies and growing rare and uncommon plants in our garden.

Studying hardMeanwhile, I concentrated on helping Jefferson learn all the skills he needed to have a good start in life.  He was a friendly little chap and once he started talking he would chat and chat and chat.

Teaching Jefferson to talkOh dear, another hide and seek specialist…  LOL!!

Peek a boo

Peek a boo

Geraldine and Maxi had already become quite the little kleptomaniac experts.  They were forever coming home with someone’s curtains, or someone’s mirror and a favorite was Bluebell Martuni’s potplants!

I encouraged them to anonymously mail the items back to the relevant owner.  I told them about how I used to be compelled to ‘borrow’ things from dad’s home when we first met, and they thought that was hilarious.  **rolls eyes**

Maxi graduated on the honour role, I was very proud of her.

Finally it was time for Maxi and my birthday.  We invited friends but forgot to buy cakes!!  We still had lots of fun though and yet again we had NO birthday disasters.  The fiery cake/Tom Shallow indaba was becoming a distant memory.

My aging up was COMPLETELY disorganised **sigh**, I was in Jefferson’s room about to pick him up after his nap, when the tingly feeling came.  Everyone came running, but it was kind of cramped… **giggle**

Happy birthday meA few minutes later, outside…

maxi sparkles

All grown~upMaxi was now an adult, the time was almost near where I would ask her to take over the journal and continue our CrinkleWinkle tale.

I had decided from the beginning that my eldest daughter would take over the legacy, but after that she could have the freedom of choice regarding her female heir.

I looked forward to my elder years and hoped to have many more years with Jon and my children.

I must confess, now that the time is almost at hand where I must hand over the journal, I already miss re-telling our lives.  I am sure that Maxi will also find great joy in recording our story in the annuls of history.





  1. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    This handing over the scepter always sends chills down my spine… It’s sad in away, then again it’s life. I enjoyed Morticia’s “voice” throughout these chapters and wish her a golden age!

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      Yes.. I did not want to hand it over at all 😦

      I don’t want Maxi to have the same kind of voice that Morti did, but I really enjoy Morti as a character.

      She is very quirky with her little sideline comments in the writing.

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