Chapter 1.18

I hate confounded technology!!!

Some sort of gremlin crawled into the computer at the library when I was saving the final draft of this journal entry and it was lost forever into the abyss of nothingness.  **extremely angry, steam rising out of ears**

Curse that confounded CrinkleWinkle BAD luck!

I will have to start over and try to remember all the important things I mentioned.  This was an important journal entry for me, as I accepted my mortality and found peace in myself with the choices I had made and the route my life had taken.  Even those wrinkles, knocking at the back door became a trifle worry.

Being a mom who was about to embark on the status of ‘elder’, had some advantages.  Perhaps it was because I had done it all before, perhaps because of this, I knew what to expect, or perhaps it was simply that I had the girls to help me.  Things just seemed easier.

For one thing, I learned to multi-task. Hehe… look at me.  **tsk tsk Morti, it’s only a cellphone conversation. STOP bragging**

Bla bla blaaa yackity shmack

Bla bla blaaa yackity shmack

Maxi really loved spending time in the garden.  She would go out before dawn and just pull out those *flippin’ weeds*, hehe, in her pj’s.  Of course this caused some ructions with the paperboy.  However, Maxi did not seem to mind or care.  She was at peace with herself in the garden, as one with nature.

Flippin' weedsAs it happens, when one is enjoying life to the fullest, that life clock seems to tick faster than normal.  Soon it was time for Jefferson’s birthday.

We decided to throw caution to the wind and throw an enormous party.  We prayed that the birthday bad luck would not make a guest appearance.  I had a good feeling it would not, and low and behold.. for once, I was right.

Birthday time again

What a cutieIt seemed that Jefferson had inherited some of dad’s musical talent.  He loved his zylophone.

Yes… you see right, we got a bath! YAY!!

Plinkity plonkity pling plong pling

Plinkity plonkity pling plong pling

I simply had to add this pic, as believe it or not, this was the FIRST TIME EVER 0_O, I had ordered pizza in Riverview.  Of course, I had more than one slice *blush*

Go on... have another.

Go on... have another.

**Note to self:  Workout scheduled for 5 a.m… yes you heard that right Morti… no groaning!**

Facing one’s mortality can be daunting, and in the beginning, I studied my face for hours in the mirror, trying to spot wrinkles or crease marks.  Eventually I realised that aging was part of the grace of your experience in life, and I looked forward to it more openly.

You egomaniac!This picture, was so cute, I had to add it for future generations of CrinkleWinkle’s.  I wondered if this sprinkler fetish as it were, **lol**, would carry on through future generations.

Maxi and Lamar

Maxi and Lamar

Jefferson and I practice his walking skill, and he also seemed to have a keen interest in reading.  I guess his father’s creativity was showing through.

Look mom, I can walk!OH LOOK! Is that a dishwasher I see in the distance…?? **giggle**

I can read too.Everything seemed so wonderful and right.  Jon and I were in a very happy place, we could not get enough of spending time together.

Maxi was doing very well in school, and I looked forward to witnessing the road her career path would take.

Geraldine had become quite the painter and she even did portraits of myself and Maxi.

Jefferson was just so clever and it seemed that the sky was the limit for him.

I hoped that this good fortune would stay with the CrinkleWinkle’s for a while longer.





  1. nessva · October 5, 2009

    Aww, everyone is doing so good and the kids are all cute! Adorable sprinkler picture =)

    • worsiedog · October 5, 2009


      Yes they seem to have sprinkler issues.. I had a similiar thing with Micheal Bachelor, when I married him to my sim in Sunset Valley before this legacy. Some of them just compulsively want to ‘sprinkle’.

      Hehe, a bit like kleptomania i guess.

      It is interesting to see how the game splices the genes and divides them between siblings.

      Thanks again for reading.

  2. Rad · October 7, 2009

    Do they love the outdoors? that tends to make sims like the sprinklers more.

    • worsiedog · October 8, 2009

      Only Maxi has the outdoors trait, but that is her in the sprinklers, so I guess that is why.
      Micheal Bachelor also loved the sprinklers.. I can’t remember if he loved the outdoors though.. hmm….

  3. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    I love the multi-tasking bit and the way Morticia has the giggles whenever she updates her diary with the new items for the house. Several really cute pictures here!

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      Lol, well with the multi-tasking bit, I wanted to convey how us women are capable of doing more than one thing at once.. hehe *wink wink*, also how when one has a baby, good time management skills are great help!

      I felt it was important for Morti to add her little purchases as she had built herself up from nothing, even though she had lived in luxury before.

      When it is all taken away, one really appretiates it when you manage to get it back one day!

      Sometimes pictures say a thousand words and help to convey a mood or feel, and I tend to go a bit GAGA with adding them *sigh*

  4. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    I love that nautical themed wall paper in Jefferson’s room. If you happen to know of the top of your head, would you let me know where you found the pattern?

    Don’t go to a big effort to find out if you don’t know. I am the download queen. I will find it myself sooner or later. 😉

  5. worsiedog · November 12, 2009

    The nautical pattern I dl from the exchange ages ago, if you cannot find it, I can upload it so you can download it and then I will delete it after.

  6. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    O the exchange?

    OK, I never would have found it, after all. LOL. I never go to the exchange if I can help it.

    Thanks for offering to upload it – I might take you up on that later. 😀

    • worsiedog · November 18, 2009

      catherine, I found that wallpaper in the ‘theme’ section of the default patterns, you just need to adjust the color slightly.

      Hope that helps.

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