Chapter 1.15

Well, I am pleased to announce that finally it came!  After all my hard work and sacrifice and forgetting birthdays ** shame on you!**, I had been promoted to a Division Manager.  It took much longer than Luke first said it would, but at least I did get promoted.

With the bonus, which was proberbly the most money I had seen in ages, I bought some luxuries I would not have bought otherwise.

A T.V. for the girls, a new toilet as the other one just kept clogging, and a bigger dining room table.  The girls were very excited about the T.V. Before this, they had each found their own ways to amuse themselves when not busy with homework.

Maximillion I had discovered was a keen outdoors fanatic and spent many hours collecting rocks, gems and butterflies which helped to make ends meet.  When we got the T.V.  I discovered two other traits of hers.  She was extremely exciteable(by her reaction when she opened the box) and she was a supreme couch potato.

When she wasn’t running around outside collecting things jumping up and down with glee, she was inside on the couch watching T.V.  Luckily she kept it mostly on the cooking channel so at least it was educational.

Geraldine helped around the house, washed dishes and tidied up after Maxi, she was definately good. By the amount of time she dedicated to her homework and extra reading, I realised she was a bit of a workaholic. She spent many hours in front of the easel I had bought for them and by her paintings, one did not have to be an art critic to see that she was naturally artistic.

Both girls had befriended their half-brother Lamar Shelley.  He came over often.  He was a very likeable young chap and I was happy for them even if his mother was a wench, after all they were kin.

Even though we had the T.V. , the girls were still very dedicated to schoolwork and both always did their homework without me having to nag them to death.

Maxi doing homework

Geraldine doing homeworkThe girls were good friends and spent many hours chatting and having fun in the sprinkler in the hot summer months.

Getting to know you

Fun in the sunBefore we knew it, Maximillion’s birthday was coming up.  Of course, as CrinkleWinkle ‘luck’ would have it, we had another birthday disaster.  It seemed that either Maxi, or her birthday parties, or perhaps even CrinkleWinkle birthday parties in general were cursed!

We invited many friends.  Lamar was there, he had aged up before Maximillion even though he had been born after her, because of the fiery cake regression.

Geraldine had become friends with Ami Martuni, so she was there as well.  Luckily she did not go sneaking behind party guests scaring the bejeezis out of them.  Hmm, now that I think about it… maybe she did!!!  **That would explain everything!**

Happy birthday

*Lamar is standing in the doorway*

*Lamar is standing in the doorway*

Huh?  I feel kind of tingly!

Huh? I feel kind of tingly!

Yay, I'm almost big

And here she is ladies and gentleman, the beautiful, seductive and mysterious looking Maximillion CrinkleWinkle.  **drumroll please**

Say hello world! I am going places.

Say hello world! I am going places.

The party was getting along nicely and everyone was enjoying cake and socialising when suddenly an eerie music could be heard from outside.  Of course, sims being naturally nosey creatures, some rushed outside to investigate.

Boy was there a surprise at the bottom end of the garden!

It's grim!Tom Shallow, or at least the ghost of Tom Shallow, was begging for his life to the Grim Reaper! **Shame look at him begging to stay at the party**

But it was to no avail… the next instant he was gone.



Straight after that, Hal feinted from shock, while Lamar walked off in disgust admiring the vistas.

What a baby!

Yes siree… Another memorable CrinkleWinkle birthday had just passed.  One thing is for sure our family is full of surprises!

But after it all, didn’t Maxi just grow up gorgeous?  **Okay, stop gushing now Morticia!**





  1. jennybets · September 24, 2009

    o.k. I’m hooked now and anxious for the next chapters to appear!

    • worsiedog · September 30, 2009

      I am on the next 3 chapters today.

      I have about 6 left to be up to date with game play. I have not had time to play recently as I have exams looming. But I will try to keep my blog and story unfolding even if it is at a slightly slower pace.

      Thanks again.

  2. worsiedog · September 30, 2009

    Jennybets, please please can you add a link to your legacy. I searched and could not find it:(

    Perhaps I am having a blonde moment of sorts.

  3. jennybets · October 1, 2009
    Here it is, and keep up the good work!

  4. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    Your birthday parties will become as legendary as those of the Kyotis if this trend keeps going! And yes… Maxi is gorgeous! 🙂

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      Haha! I doubt any parties will be as legendary as the Kyoti ones!

      Yes, isn’t she just lovely. So statuesque, she reminded me alot of Meryl Streep, though she did not look like her entirely, but just her demounour and so on.

      I have hundreds and hundreds of screenshots of her because she is just so gorgeous!

      I guess mixing those genes paid off 😀

  5. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    Maxi is quite pretty and therefore I must say:

    Waaaaaaaah! It was my own fault! I did create a Sim full of ugly genes! Waaaaaah!

    OH, this was funny! “He was a very likeable young chap and I was happy for them even if his mother was a wench . . . ”

    tee hee

    • worsiedog · November 12, 2009

      LOL, I really hated Constance… I guess I influenced Morti’s voice abit *rolls eyes*

      Maxi really blossomed when she became an adult. Jon’s gene’s still came through with Valentia in gen 3 😀

      I still think Ba’el was lovely and Ves was super hawt:D

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