Chapter 1.13

I was back at work again, but it was really exhausting.  My biological clock was really messed up and I was suffering from terrible insomnia.  In a way it was a good thing, as I had almost been robbed again.

I was up very very late,  *lol* I think the thieves hate me, and one actually walked past the house.  I guess the movement past the lounge window deterred them.  I still have not been able to afford a burglar alarm and I really can’t afford to get robbed.

Yes, I do sort of understand their need to steal, since I myself am a kleptomaniac, but I would rather be the thief than the victim.  A bit of a hypocrytical logic I guess… but hey… what can I do?

I now had two toddlers in the house.  After the scary experience at Maxi’s birthday, I did not want to risk a cake for Geraldine’s moving out of ‘babydom’ transition.

I wuv my horsie

I wuv my horsie

I just think this picture is so adorable, so I had to add it to the journal.

I had two toddlers to teach skills to now, I just hoped I managed to teach them everything in time.  Some nights I was so exhausted, I hired the babysitter for a second time just so that I could get some sleep.

Geraldine and Maxi in the backgroundGeraldine was learning to talk and Maxi focused on getting her “These boots were made for walking!” skill down.


These boots were made for walking!

These boots were made for walking!

Maxi loved to play hide and seek.

You can't see me!

You can't see me!

Before long she had learned to walk, and boy was little miss proud of herself.  She also learned the potty training skill very quickly, which was a relief.  Here she is ‘marching’ to the loo.

Look at me, I'm so cleverUnfortunately, Maxi never got the talking skill completed by the time she  aged up, but I was just grateful that finally she felt she was ready to age at all.

It was my birthday so I decided to throw a party and invited all my friends and of course Jon.  Don’t get a shock when you see him, my dear boo had aged. However you will be happy to know that he had remained a loving and faithful partner as well as a good daddy all the while.

Finally I was an adult, I wondered what this next stage of life would bring for me and my girls.

Morticia ages upI think my aging prompted Maxi to age up as well on that day, as the next moment, it was Maximillion’s turn, THANKFULLY, she got hair!! **Lol**

Thankfully the cake did not set on fire either.  Here is Jon shortly after her age up telling  her about the horrible fiery cake experience at her last party.

My cake set on fire?? *gulp*

My cake set on fire?? *gulp*

She looks alot like her daddy, but she has my fiery red locks.


I am very proud and wonder what kind of little sim she will grow up to be.





  1. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    You know, I really love your decorating. You are obviously taking a lot of time to customize the patterns and get everything just so. It’s really pretty. I am eager to see the house in your more recent updates, when the family has plenty of money – I bet it’s going to be gorgeous.

    But with such a lovely home to show off, why do you leave the walls down in your photos? Waaaah I can’t see all the pretties with the walls down!

    • worsiedog · November 12, 2009

      LOL catherine.. I cringe at these pics now.. this was in the days when I was still a photograpy n00b… I am must more concious of things now, hopefully as you read through it you will notice an improvement.

  2. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    We were all noobs at one time or the other. Sorry I started running off at the mouth before reading all the way thru.

    :-O <—- Big Mouth Catherine

    • worsiedog · November 12, 2009

      No worries:) I love your spontaneity most of all.

      I still have a lot to learn, in a way this was a learning legacy for me too, even if I was only teaching myself.. LOL

  3. MrParachute · November 30, 2009

    Your story is amazing and I’m sorry I haven’t had the time to read it quicker! I feel like the LakeHouse story… ur working on gen3 and here i am sending you messages on gen1! 🙂

    • worsiedog · December 1, 2009

      It’s ok, I know you busy. I don’t mind if you reading it and I am on Gen3, I love getting some feedback from you. At least you know now what I am up to in my office;)

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