Chapter 1.12

Things sailed along smoothly for awhile.  Amazingly.

Maxi loved her toys, her latest favorite was her xylophone.  She pinged and ponged away at it for ages.

Ping pong ping *giggle*

Ping pong ping *giggle*

Unfortuately I can’t show you a picture of the two girls together in the room, as the only shot I do have, I am ‘el fresco’ as it were in the shower.   *blush*

Maxi was growing up so fast, and it was nice to have the time off to teach her all the essential skills she needed.



Yes, you see that right, besides for ‘lil miss pinky who is adorable, I had sold some more harvested veggies and I could buy a table and chair!

My first meal sitting in style was even better than the best meal at the Bistro.  Staring at the shower eating is rather dull.

Before I knew it, it was Maxi’s birthday.

Happy birthday maxi

Jon came over with a friend to celebrate.  **Thank goodness – as you will see ahead**  Goerge Dean was a policeman and he and I became very good friends after this!

party timeJust as I was about to help Maxi blow out her candles… that darn CrinkleWinkle bad luck was back! **grumble, mumble, grrr**


The next thing we knew the whole table was on fire!!!



What a disaster!!!

Because of the trauma of the fire, Maxi did not age up when she was supposed to.  The doctor at the hospital said that she had proberbly regressed slightly.  At least she was ok! At least our house did not burn down!

Needless to say straight after that I purchased a fire alarm.

Two disasterous birthdays in a row for Maximillion. Hopefully this was not becoming a pattern.





  1. ricslady99 · September 18, 2009

    Wonderful. I don’t usually like legacy stories but this is so well written.

    I need some writers to feature on my website. I’d love for you to join so I could feature this. If you do be sure to post a link in the forum.

    • worsiedog · October 8, 2009

      ricslady I am so sorry.. :/ for some reason this msg ended up in a spam box and I only saw it now.. I don’t have that aksimet thing activated so I dunno how it happened.. (following your link)

      Thanks for reading my legacy!

  2. nessva · October 5, 2009

    oh no, poor Maxi! Hopefully she’ll age up properly soon?

    • worsiedog · October 5, 2009

      😀 Wasn’t that a jinx…

      Thanks for your comment and reading my legacy, I hope you are enjoying it.

  3. Rad · October 7, 2009

    Heh – ping pong ping giggle is a very accurate description of the kiddie xylophone – am very sick of that noise after nine generations!

    • worsiedog · October 8, 2009

      LOL, I can imagine.. specially when some tots are just ‘drawn’ to the xylophone like it’s the second coming!

      Geraldine’s littluns are about to become tots, so more ping ponging. That is if she remembers to feed and change them *rolls eyes*, she is rather absent-minded when it comes to them.

  4. moondaisy101 · October 9, 2009

    Blimey! I’ve never seen a birthday cake cause a fire yet! This is superb stuff! Poor Maxi though…

    • worsiedog · October 9, 2009

      I thought it was very odd, because I had only invited Jon to the party, but this Goerge Dean was there as well. Morti had never met him before.

      Then the cake set on fire, and Morti and Jon were panicking and Goerge came rushing in out of nowhere and put it out!

      Later I discovered he was a policeman, and read somewhere that ‘brave’ sims will automatically put out fires without promting them to.

      So, it seemed as though the game planned this sneaky on me in advance!

  5. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    Whew, that was lucky. Brave Sims are dead useful – they will also beat up burglars for you!

    • worsiedog · November 12, 2009

      Yes, I saw that in Rad’s legacy. Dog Nabbit, I still have to get that glowy feeling from beating up a darn robber!

      I will always have soft spot for George Dean because of this.

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