~The floozie~

I play my guitar with the lighthouse behind me until the sun sets.  Christopher enjoys my music and I can see his eyes lighting up as he taps his foot to the melody.

Unfortunately he interrupts me… to tell me that Tamara just called asking if he was at the Bistro.  Of course he could not lie, he explains while rubbing his neck feeling akward.  I admire this quality in Christopher for a moment but then I get completely annoyed thinking of Tamara.

Just who in the heck does this hussie think she is?  Indeed, who in fact, does she think she is messing with?  I am no longer in any mood to strum my guitar and besides I need to keep my eye out for the ‘black widow incarnate’, though I have no idea what she looks like.  Agnes has only ever mentioned her in conversation and I have never actually seen the floozie.

Christopher and I are chatting happily when he suddenly looks akward and gesticulates with his eyebrows behind me…

I spy her out the corner of my eye… so that is Tamara…  Pfft! Please move along woman… Eat my dust!

She gives me that “Oh, so that is her” look and I pretend that I do not notice.  Christopher gives me “Let’s get personal” eyes and she pretends not to notice.

Eligible men are as scarce as hen’s teeth in Sunset Valley so the game is “on”, Sister!

Funny how I did not recognise how deep my feelings towards Christopher were until this threat presented itself.  Perhaps it is because I did not love myself enough.  Dr Frinkleton always said that one has to love oneself… before one can love others.  I think I finally ‘get’ what he was meaning.

I begin to flirt with Christopher and I am elated when he reciprocates.  WOW, he does like me?!  As things get hot and heavy, Tamara glares on.  Eventually she can’t take it anymore and she gives Christopher ‘the filthy freeze of death’.

Things continue to move along nicely with Christopher, we share flirtatious jokes and gaze into each other’s eyes.  My chest feels like bursting I am feeling so much happiness inside.  I am sure my cheeks will be aching in the morning from all the smiling I am doing at the moment.  I could get lost in his eyes forever, they are like pools to his soul, so clear and honest with no shadows hiding secrets.

Finally I pluck up the courage to confess my attraction to him… I hold my breathe as I wait for his response.  He looks down shyly and shuffles his feet before looking up and saying, “I like you alot too, V.”  Oh my gosh!  I am so thrilled and excited I can’t control myself and I leap into his arms and hug him tight.  Things are really looking up for me.

Of course, Tamara is not impressed by any of this and she sits sulking at the table right next to us ‘pretending’ to read the newspaper.  Never underestimate a CrinkleWinkle woman Tamara, you have met your match and then some!

I am of course concerned that this madam is going to try and ‘move in’ on my man as soon as my back is turned, I can see her gazing out the corner of her eye at us wishing me to spontaneously combust.

I resolve to make things more ‘official’ as it were, between Christopher and I before I go to bed.  I remember mom telling me about Constance Shelley and nanna and I certianly don’t want any of that drama in my life!

Christopher and I hold hands under the stars and as naturally as if we were meant to do it from the first day of our lives, we move in slowly and kiss each other.  Tiny sparks of electricity seem to shoot between us as our lips touch.  His lips are so soft, I feel my knees turning to jelly and my heart beats rapidly in my chest.  All the world around me becomes invisible… I only feel his lips, his breathe, his hand on my shoulder.

At this moment of pure awesomeness I realise that Christopher is a great kisser.  Oh what luck!  I casually turn and smirk at Tamara… who gets up in a huff and storms to the taxi collection area.  Pity that, as she does not see my next move…

… I ask Christopher to go steady, and he says yes!  Oh happy days!  We end the evening with a final breathtaking kiss, and because this evening was just so fabulous, I feel I have the right to reward myself(sshh, don’t tell Agnes)…

When I get home after 3am, I sneak a peek in the direction of the big brown house, and I see the man standing by the window.  Just standing there, like he is waiting for something… or someone.  A chill runs down my spine.

I am too excited to sleep.  So many emotions and happy feelings and hormones rushing through my body.  Not even the man in the window can dampen my mood, my feeling of elation, the warm glowiness inside me.

I remember about the book my boss gave me to read, “Life in the hard Rocky Road”.  I am sure if I read it I will be lucky enough to get a promotion next time I go to work.  I settle down on my bed and find it a surprisingly enjoyable read.

I watch the sky turn from pale blue to pale pink… so pretty.  I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for me, but first… a short nap.





  1. nessva · November 18, 2009

    Aww yay, things seem to be looking up for V! She definitely deserves some happiness in her life 🙂

    p.s. It may interest Miss Valencia to know that the floozie Tamara got really heavy in my Insanity Challenge. lol. I’ll try to take a good photo of her in her current condition soon.

    • worsiedog · November 18, 2009

      ???? Insanity challange?? Why don’t I know about this now so i can read??

      Well, things might not be happy forever… she came from good things, and then everything crumbled, but now she is finding good things… but perhaps there are bad things on the horizon… you know how life goes…

      In sims and in RL, just as everything is perfect… it bombs!

      • nessva · November 18, 2009

        lol, I started it not too long ago but it’s been fun so far.
        start here. I hope html works or this will be a huge mess of a comment..heh.

        Aww, don’t tell me that worsiedog! Things can’t “bomb” for Valencia 😦 But I know what you’re saying I suppose…such is life.

        • worsiedog · November 19, 2009

          A 27 gen legacy?? o.O LOL

          This looks like fun! I am off to read it right now!

  2. Rad · November 18, 2009

    Wow, fab update. Tamara and the staring man are a bit weird but add real depth.

    • worsiedog · November 18, 2009

      I have been building up to the two of them in the previous updates… I played a bit ahead after my game crash to see how my creativity could make the story develop…

      of course the evil man was my addition to see how he may contribute, but tamara just popped in and got all hussie on her own… first with the evil man… which extremely annoyed me as I did not want him to get involved in the whole marry/kids thing at this stage of the story… considering I cannot ‘switch hh’ as per the rules…

      then she popped up when christopher was around. I guess she is the default town ‘floozie’ – for want of a better word *cough*

      She had both myself and Valentia have an ‘epitome’ so she is important in my brain pattern thinking.-which noone else understand but me-

  3. Nicarra60/PiB · November 18, 2009

    Nice update. It’s good to see her doing well with romance and working on her career.

    And where oh where are you going with that mysterious stranger?

    I laugh when I see Tamara as the evil floozie. She was my first success at romance when a young Thomas Leman was looking for love. She is a flirty Sim though and that can lead to lots of trouble. I can’t trust her in a room with her son-in-law because the two of them will start flirting in front of their spouses.

    • worsiedog · November 19, 2009

      Thanks PiB 🙂

      Ah… the stranger… LOL, he has a purpose…

      Flirty sims can be real trouble I have noticed. Tamara just could not keep her nose out of Valentia’s business that night… she was so after Christopher it was not funny, and I have no idea why as there were many men around… she could have gone for Hal – now there is a match made in heaven!

      But no, she just had to have Christopher. I have about 35 pics from this evening after the guitar playing with Tamara giving filthy looks and eaves dropping and so on.

      Maybe she heard worsiedog was in town doing a legacy and she wanted some face time… darn manipulating floozie! LOL

  4. worsiedog · November 19, 2009

    Apologies for the mistake with Tamara’s surname, I had it written down wrong in my notebook. Fixed now!

  5. Dee · November 20, 2009

    Really enjoyed this. I never did like that “floozie”. Perfect name for her. I could think of another one but it wouldn’t be very nice. Guess V. showed her who would get Christopher.
    Tamara was always flirting and crashing my parties when I played Alicia as a wild thing.

    Still curious to know what is going to happen with the evil, Bond looking, stranger.

    • worsiedog · November 20, 2009

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it Dee. Another one is that Veronica Wang I think her name is… I have seen her in the park trying to seduce the stranger when spying on him, but he wants nothing of it.. LOL I’ll have to invite over to Valentia and off her, if she starts messing up the plot! LOL

      • Dee · November 21, 2009

        LOL. You “off” a lot of sims.

        • worsiedog · November 21, 2009

          LOL Dee, actually Claire Ursine Ice was the first sim I have every ‘offed’ in the history of game playing since sims 1… LOL

          • Dee · November 21, 2009

            And here I thought you were an experienced “offer”. ;D
            I deliberatly “offed” a couple of sims in Sims2. One was a townie that really got on my nerves and can’t remember who the other one was. Oh yeah, it was Mortimer Goth. I drowned him.
            I was really cruel. I fenced the first in and let him starve and I drowned the other one.
            I felt sad for the first one but it was funny when I offed Mortimer. Mortimer had just peed in the pool and then a guy jumped in and gave him a membership to some place. Then he drowned and I put the ladder back and let the membership guy out.

  6. coaimhe · November 20, 2009

    Agh! This is it? I am all caught up? I wanna keep reading…

    • worsiedog · November 20, 2009

      Thanks for reading it all 🙂

      Look for a new update on either the 23rd or 24th. I have exams atm.

  7. worsiedog · November 21, 2009

    @ Dee LOL! I can’t believe the membership guy jumped in the pool with him! haha, those club guys were really annoying! LOL

    In my game, ‘elder’ Mortimor is engaged to Brandi Broke, you will be surprised how many Broke’s are in my neighbourhood, lol.

  8. Dee · November 21, 2009

    I was laughing when it happened because all I could think of was, now where was he keeping that membership exactly, and do you realise you just jumped into a bunch of pee.

    I remember changing Brandi’s appearance and she looked good then.

  9. Chrysame · November 22, 2009

    Heehee. Tamara Donner is a floozy in many games. I don’t blame you for killing off Claire. She bothers me for some reason. She’s really skinny in my Bonnie and Clyde game. I think it looks weird on her.

    Can’t wait to read more. I’m liking Ms. V more and more. She’s a fighter!

    • worsiedog · November 22, 2009

      Thanks Chrysame! LOL, I don’t know what it is about Claire that bothers me, though if you check out this site…


      … you may see a side of Claire you did not see before. LOL, I felt kind of guilty for offing her after reading this.

      I am glad you saw that V is a fighter, other than the floozie nonsense I wanted to essence of the chapter to convey this aspect about her.

  10. moondaisy101 · November 29, 2009

    (I left a message but something went wrong. I hope you don’t get this twice.)

    Yay! Finally caught up!
    And belated congratulations on your exams! 🙂

    In a way it was good Tamara had her eyes on Chris too. It made Val realize how much she felt for him and it shows how determined a Crinklewinkle woman can be.

    The man still intrigues me… I was kind of hoping he would not be evil.

    That made me think about the arsonist who set the Crinklewinkle house on fire. He/she has not been found yet… Val may still be in danger!

    Great story, worsiedog! I know how hard it is when you can’t change households. Looking forward to the next update! 🙂

    • worsiedog · December 1, 2009

      Hi moondaisy! Glad you up to date.

      I am relieved my exams are over. Unfortunately I have not been able to post an update because my ADSL cap was at 95% 😦 But today is 1 December, so I’m working on the update and loading pics right now.

      Yes that arsonist has not been found to date, a thought which V will soon realise.

      I have not played this game since the patch update:( I am scared to even load it in fear I lose the file, but I know I have to as I only have a few more pictures left of where I played until before I had to start studying.

      This mirror/dresser aging glitch is a problem too, I just suppose I cannot have V go to the dresser to plan outfit or mirror change appearance until they release a patch. Kind of messes with the legacies. You can’t use Ambrosia to age your sims back.

      This age glitch is not our fault, apart from messing with the story line, I wonder if it will technically be against Pinstar’s rules since it is not our fault and we are not purposefully making them younger?

      • moondaisy101 · December 2, 2009

        I’m sure you are in the clear as far as the rules are concerned! The Latin expression escapes me, but ‘it was out of your hands’. (Had your email by the way, what a bummer!) And frankly, even if you weren’t – quite within the rules – I can’t give a toss. This is a great story. Keep going! 🙂

        • moondaisy101 · December 2, 2009

          I personally have had no probs since the patch after the patch came out.

          • worsiedog · December 3, 2009

            If you have not yet, perhaps avoide the dresser/ mirror for now, but I don’t think you need to do that anyway with your stories, right?

            Thanks for the kind comments about my story 🙂 I hope you enjoy the new update.

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