~The confrontation~

First things first, today I am on a mission.  I sleep late, perhaps because I am procrastinating slightly.  I forego the gardening and head down to the early bird aerobic class.  I am hoping that the man will be there at the gym during some point that I am there.

I am not disappointed, for he is the man, and he is always where I am.

I decide to be forthright and upfront… no use beating around the bush on this matter.  My sole goal is to get a name, so that Police Chief Justin can run it through the database.

“Hey, you that man that always seems to be where I am all the time?”

He looks amused but does not flinch or show any outward signs of being caught out.

“So… err, introductions might be in order?  I am Valentia CrinkleWinkle, and you are?”

“I am Evil Concarnie”

That is it?  No explanation as to why he is where I am all the time?  No suggestion that he is a rabid fan who loves my music?  This is perplexing…

I have no time to think about it though as I have to go to work.  I have to deliver some applications for concert permissions to City Hall after work, but I call Justin straight after.  He thanks me for the name and assures me that he will look into the matter right away.

I make a stop at one more place to buy something… I might need it later, and then I call Christopher.  Agnes had told me that the Falls are a romantic place for couples to get some privacy.  I would like some space for tonight without those prying eyes of Tamara’s spoiling the mood.

I feel like I am in a Cadbury ad for flake, instead this is “One look, and all resistance crumbles…”

I can’t help myself, I just want to be with this man all the time, I think about him all the time, I want something that lasts forever.  Forever is not a romantic ideal is it?  Surely ‘happily ever after’ is more than just a fairytale?  I so much want to believe and have faith that it is possible.

Christopher and I have some akward giggling moments, we want to say something but it seems that a new shyness overcomes us.  We share a shy kiss and then I tell him I have something to play for him.  I really ‘feel’ the music more because of him, and music is inherently the way I express myself best.

“You have bound my heart with subtle chains

So much pleasure that it feels like pain

So entwined now that we can’t shake free

I am you and you are me

No escaping from the mess we’re in

So much pleasure that it must be sin

I must live with this reality

I am you and you are me

There’s no turning back

We’re in this trap

No denying the facts

No, no, no, no

No excuses to give

I’m the one you’re with

We’ve no alternative

No, no, no

Dark obsession in the name of love

This addiction that we both part of

Leads us deeper into mystery

Keeps us craving endlessly

Strange compulsions that I can’t control

Pure possession of my heart and soul

I must live with this reality

I am you and you are me” **

Christopher is deeply emotional after this, literally speechless… all he can mumble is that the song captured what he is  feeling as well.

I am so happy…

We chat and kiss and flirt for what seems like hours… everything just feels ‘right’.  I make a bold move.  I decide to bring out my purchase from earlier in the afternoon.

My hands are shakey, I am not sure how he will react… but I tell him that I love him, I tell him that I cannot imagine my days without him.  I forget about the things I have not told him, at this moment it does not seem to matter at all.

“Will you marry me?”

Short and simple, but I do not have the breathe in me to manage a bigger sentence.  Seconds feels like hours as I wait with my breathe caught in my throat for his reaction…

I guess that is a yes then?  Or is he momentarily blinded by the dazzlingness of it?

A kiss to seal the deal

I am in a happy place right at this very moment, everything else seems trivial and mundane.

Even though we don’t want to, we say goodnight.  Both of us have grown up responsibilities tomorrow, besides love sadly does not pay the bills.

The next morning I decide to do some networking and before work I call Cornelia Goth who I met earlier in aerobics class.  I tell her about my pending wedding and she gives me some tips on caterers and venues for wedding parties.  How helpful of her.

I go to work, but as I slip in the door I notice the man, Evil Concarnie that is, sitting on a bench in the park… just watching.

**note from worsiedog**

The song Valentia sang to Christopher is an excerpt from Depeche Mode’s  “I am you”, composed by Martin L. Gore.  Yes LOL, I can admit that I am so old that I have been a fan of theirs for more than 20 years o__O.





  1. worsiedog · December 5, 2009

    Everyone please wish me luck:/ LOL, this is where I played until…

    I have not had the faith to load and resave Valentia’s game since the patch update yet. But now I have to, and I am worried… LOL

    *edit* sidenote I forgot about…
    Evil Concarnie’s name was inspired by the CT show


  2. Rad · December 5, 2009

    I’m sure it’ll be OK. Congrats, Valentina! I love Depeche Mode too, and I liked them over 20 years ago too so don’t feel too old 🙂

    • worsiedog · December 5, 2009

      LOL Rad! OMG! I have only seen them live once, but surely you have had that opportunity more often?

      I have all their albums, both together and solo, also lots of DVD’s 🙂 I am an official groupie I suspect.

      • Rad · December 5, 2009

        No, I’ve never seen them live (for shame). I don’t go to gigs very much for some reason. Being busy, probably 😉

        I don’t have all of their albums, just some of them, though my friend has them all – guess you’re a proper massive fan then 🙂

        In fact we were out dancing to some of their stuff last night.

        • worsiedog · December 5, 2009

          LOL 🙂 This moment is like those corny things we did when we were kids.. that whole ‘blood sisters’ ceremony… HaHa.

          Who would have thought. If you don’t have Dave Gahan’s Hourglass, you simply have to run to the store tomorrow morning and *flick* your card 🙂

  3. Dee · December 6, 2009

    Great update. Now if Evil will just let her live her life in peace.

    When you first started this one I thought the main character would be the toddler and that the toddler was the cause of the fire in the other town.

    Now I’m thinking the toddler is growing and going to show up in this town someday. Especially since you posted that pic of the child in the last update.

    I love a good mystery.

    • worsiedog · December 6, 2009

      I don’t think Evil will be leaving her in peace for awhile yet.
      The toddler will be making an appearance later, yes.

      Glad you enjoying it Dee 🙂

  4. Chrysame · December 6, 2009

    Wonderful! She got the man and met the MAN. I still think our Mr. Concarnie is woefully misunderstood. Okay, so he follows everywhere always dressed in formal wear. And his first name is very unfortunate. I think it just means he’s a snappy dresser and his parents were cruel.

    I believe in you, Evil Concarnie!

    • worsiedog · December 6, 2009

      LOL, I made him insane in the hopes that he would dress in a way which other sims consider weird for the occasion. I am glad he never let me down and chose that snappy tuxedo…

      He could always have done a Wall Eee and walked around in his costume all day.

      LOL @ his name…

      “I think it just means he’s a snappy dresser and his parents were cruel. ”

      Love you analogy!

  5. Dee · December 6, 2009

    LOL at chrysame. You all have such a great sense of humor. I have laughed more reading what all of you write and comment than any other time.

  6. moondaisy101 · December 6, 2009

    Oooh! I hope Justin comes up with something. The juicier the better! 😉

    How romantic to propose at the falls.
    lol @ I guess that is a yes then? Or is he momentarily blinded…
    That picture really cracked me up!

  7. worsiedog · December 6, 2009

    LOL moondaisy 🙂 I wish they had proper rings for men, it is kind of ridiculous that they also get a Joan Collins R.O.C.K

    I think the falls are very pretty, so I thought it would be a nice picture taking place.

    Justin is busy cross referencing the data bases as we type! LOL

  8. Sue D. Nim · December 6, 2009

    Awww. *melt* I’m SUCH a sucker for romance. What a sweet update.

    Drat you, Worsie. I want a flake bar so bad right now, and do you know how hard they are to get over here?? *glowers* Maybe I’ll settle for a fruit ‘n’ nut.

    • worsiedog · December 6, 2009

      LOL, I could get hubbie to ‘organise’ if you want *wink wink*
      🙂 (edit – erm, flakes that is!) LOL

      V is very vulnerable even though she acts tough and she is very melancholy in most her diary updates. I think that was reflected in this update.

      • Sue D. Nim · December 8, 2009

        Heh, thanks anyway. I’ll get over it. I just don’t want to get off my duff and drive 23 miles to a place I know carries them. Maybe if I tell myself it’s to buy Christmas presents. They have aero there too, which may be the only thing that can tempt me that much.

        • Rad · December 9, 2009

          Move to Britain Sue! We have them on pretty much every street. But then we do have lousy weather.

  9. worsiedog · December 7, 2009

    OMG, so I have been playing today:/ I have no custom stuff in my game… I tried to arrange a date with Christopher at the beach, and I noticed that HALF Valentia’s lot is blue:(

    This means bad tidings I am sure! Darn EA!

    • nessva · December 7, 2009

      aww crappaloni. I hope you find a way to get it back! I had problems before the patch, but the only bad thing I’ve noticed since the patch is the rotting fridge (fixed by buying a new one) and an aging bug..Elliott is somehow older than William now.

      Evil’s name is intriguing..keep at it V! I think she needs to get her hands dirty and go Sherlock Holmes on this one because I really don’t have much faith in Justin.

      • worsiedog · December 8, 2009

        LOL, poor Justin, noone has faith in him 🙂

        I exited without saving and reloaded and it seemed fine, but I only just did that, then I had to cook. So hopefully it will still be okay today when I load Sims.

        If they go to the dresser or mirror then the age gets messed up.

        I wish EA would hurry along and fix the darn issues. Glad you managed to get the download thing to work.

  10. DB loves her Mac · December 8, 2009

    Yipes at a half-blue lot! I confess I am also afraid to play my legacy family since changing my game. I installed WA and played some with existing test families, and I have had some serious problems.

    LOL @ Evil Concarnie! Is his middle name Picante? Or maybe Frijoles?

    Touching waterfall scene… how old is Valentia now, anyway? She always seems 19 to me.

    • worsiedog · December 8, 2009

      Actually I looked at her age yesterday because I thought I should hurry along with the baby-making, she is 29 days from Adult. Maybe it’s that dress that makes her look 19. Too scared to go to the dresser or the mirror though because I relly don’t want that age glitch to mess up the legacy timeline.

      My game just did the frozen screen crash:/ It was outside the City Hall as V was coming out, I clicked tab for a screenshot and then I got this funny sound effect and it froze. I had to exit via task manager:/

      LOL @ the middle names for Evil.

      • Sue D Nim · December 8, 2009

        Ugh. I hate that. This is the only game I’ve ever had that bungs itself up so completely that it can only be exited via Task Manager. It makes me nervous because I can’t just “end task” in the applications window; I have to shut down the process which, Microsoft would have be believe, is a Big Bad Thing. For the record, I take that with a grain of salt. I don’t go around shutting down random processes, anyway.

  11. jurocha · December 12, 2009

    This Evil is starting to creep me out. I’m glad Valentia was brave enough to confront him and get a name for the Police to check.

    Even if he’s not responsible for the fire, he could be like the crazy fan who wants to marry her, hurt her in a very Whitney Houston/Body Guard-movie way (to keep with “late-80s” – in fact, Depeche Mode is from the beginning of 80, and the movie from the beginning of 90’s, but I guess you get the “old folks feel” anyhow… – as references)

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      Yups I know, I have been a DM fan from the 80’s… since I was 11 to be precise LOL

      “I am you” is from their album “Exciter” which was released in 2001.

      I wanted Evil to give ppl a creepy feeling and I am glad that appears to be the case in most instances.

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