~The confession~

I get up early and do some gardening, not in my underwear, of course.

Hang on a minute!  It just actually sank in what that guy’s name is… Evil Concarnie… that is just, well, creepy!

A man seemingly stalking me with a name like that?  Surely this will not end well.  Maybe he is involved in my family’s murder?  Maybe he is here to take care of me?  But I already had this discussion with myself… surely he would have taken care of me already, if that was indeed his purpose?

He seemed quite calm when I asked him his name at the gym, he did not even flinch.  He certianly did not look like he had some evil plan in mind regarding my person.  But then again, he would be good at hiding his emotions and motives wouldn’t he?  I wish Justin would call.

Agnes calls in the middle of my gardening.  It seems her latest book is a sweeping success and she is leaving immediately on a whirlwind worldwide book tour.  She apologises for not been able to be there for my wedding.  I am slightly dissapointed, but I am also happy for Agnes.  I would not want to begrudge her of her happiness.  I wish her the best of luck and she promises to send postcards.

Later after aerobics class, I head to the park to play for tips.  Justin calls while I am there.

“What do you mean, there is no trace of him?”

“I found nothing when I ran his name throught the criminal record databases.  I thought creative thinking would be prudent with this particular individual so I did other background checks… all came up blank.”

“What do you mean, blank?”

“Well, there is alot of things that just don’t add up.  He has never payed tax, he has no driver’s licence, he has no bank account, he has no dental records, he has no passport.  All I found was a birth certificate and that was where the paper trail ended.  It is as if he became invisible after being born, as if he ceased to exist at all.”

“… Oh, like a ghost then… should I worry do you think?  I mean his name is Evil Concarnie for goodness sake!”

“Well has he threatened you in any way at all?  We can’t really investigate him or even put a tail on him with no concrete leads or evidence… unfortunately.”

“No… that is the thing, he has never threatened me.  He even smiled at me when I asked his name.  It is like he is toying with me perhaps?”

“Valentia, I wish we could help, but unfortunately with no leads and no evidence our hands are tied at this time.  I am sorry.”

“Well, that is not very reassuring, but thanks anyway Justin.”

Seems as if I will have to take matters into my own hands then.

As always, when I am struggling with a mental or emotional issue, I turn to music for some sense of sanity… to refocus on who I am.

It grounds me, and helps me to collect my thoughts.  While I play, Evil walks the perimeter of the park…

… just what exactly is he up to?

Soon it is time for work, and I can no longer think about that.  I do really well and I think my boss really likes me because I get promoted to a ‘music talent scout’.  On and upwards, as the saying goes.

The next day I am strangely compelled to donate money to charity.  Maybe it is guilty feelings because of the stolen grill on my lawn.  I forget I am in my underwear, but I feel kind of uneasy when I see a familiar figure in the distance… of course, I pretent not to notice.

After gym glass, I decide to treat myself to a Bistro meal.  I almost choke on my food though…

… Evil is sitting there eating dinner as if it is a perfectly natural thing to do!  Hmm, well of course it is a perfectly natural thing to do, but I mean, it is Evil… and he is where I am again.

Surely I am not been paranoid…  he is always there… just, well just there.  He certianly does not look blank or invisible to me!

After dinner, I play at the park until sunrise.  Yeah, I guess that was nuts, but in the end it paid off, even if I did sleep the whole day(what a rare luxury).  I get promoted to ‘lyricisit’.

Christopher and I meet at the Bistro after work, but it’s late as usual so the visit is a short one, but at least we get to spend time together. We discuss our wedding plans.  We are still debating where the best place is to have it.  Christopher wants it at the falls where I proposed, but I think the beach with the sea as our symphony is a lovely idea.

I really love this man, who cares where we get married at the end of the day!  But I think we better hurry along now, my hormones are over-clocking if you get my meaning.

Anyway, with this promotion I finally have enough money to get that fancy unbreakable loo.  Aunt Geraldine used to lament about those annoying cheap toilets and how they always clog.  She made me promise that I would buy only the best.  Hmm, I think aunt Geraldine had issues perhaps?

It is a family joke about how nanna’s loo got stolen the very night she had bought it, so of course I put preventative measures in place.

The next day at gym, my shadow decides to do something other than just stand/sit there menacingly…

… that just looks painful.

Later in the evening when I am playing for tips in the park, my shadow loosens up a bit more.

The next day Christopher and I meet at the library to study together.  Of course, we don’t study for very long.  Soon we giggling like kids and giving each other the romantic eyeball.  Things get pretty hot and heavy… we really need to get this wedding over with soon!

Later that evening after work, I spot Evil going for a… jog?  Hmm, what is it with this man and his dress code?  Suits for gym and speedo’s for jogging?

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, I got another promotion.  All that playing in the park surely has paid off.  I am now a ‘backup vocalist’.  Tonight though I think I will forego the park and have an early night.  People haven’t been tipping much at night anyway.

As I lie in bed staring at the house across the road, that VFN Compensator on the drive keeps winking at me.  It sure is a nice set of wheels… Oh no you don’t…

... Oh yes, I did!

I could not help myself.  I was ‘compelled’ to nick it.  I see why mom enjoyed it so much.  What a rush.  Proberly that grill on the lawn has dulled my sense of right and wrong.  Those people across the road look rich anyway, I am lawn living for goodness sake!  They can afford another one.

The next day I resolve to do something important.  I have to tell Christopher about my past.  I don’t think it would be fair to let him marry me blind when there is this ‘history’ that I have, and possible lurking danger.

We meet at the beach as the sun is setting, maybe the beautiful surrounding will make it easier to let it all out.

I tell him about nanna and how she build up our family from nothing.  I tell him about mom and her career choice.  I tell him how she had been acting strange in those last few days before it ended.  I tell him about the terrible fire, how I lost my family, about the guilt I felt because I was not there to save them.

I feel relieved to be telling him, a weight lifts off my shoulders.  I tell him about mom’s final phonecall to 911 and how they never had any suspects, about how I had to go into the witness protection programme until I came of age.  I do not tell him about the man, I am not even sure about the man myself.  I do not want him to worry.

Christopher listens intently, he does not interupt me, he does not become cold and distant.   I see only love and compassion in his eyes.  When I have finished and I am out of breathe, he simply holds me.  He tells me he loves me, he tells me it doesn’t matter.  He assures me that I am safe now.

How lucky I am to have this man in my life…

Christopher gives me a long, slow passionate kiss and then he bids me goodnight.  I am too excited to go home and the crashing waves behind me beg me to come closer.  I see some fish jumping out the water and I decide to try my luck.  I have a lettuce in my backpack that is just dying to be fish fodder.

While I stand watching the waves, I think about everything I said to Christopher.  My thoughts go back to my days in foster care and I wonder how my foster family are doing.  Then suddenly, I remember something…

… the box.  The box that the lawyer gave me before I left… I had completely forgotten about it!  It’s in a safe deposit box at City Hall.

I get distracted by a strange thing happening, as I am staring in disgust at the minuteness of this anchovy, I get zapped back home!

Oh my God, are there aliens in Sunset Valley??

The next morning a man gets zapped onto my lot in the same way…

… he looks really tired and he is completely disorientated.  I am too scared to approach him.  What the hell is going on?!

I have my own puzzle to solve this morning however.  I head down to City Hall.

As I walk up the stairs I wonder what secrets the box might hold… will it have clues to mom’s killer?  Will there be a name?  Will that name be Evil Concarnie?

I enter the vault room with apprehention, the guard leads me to a cubicle and returns in a moment with the safe deposit box… for now all I can do is stare at it as tears start to flow down my cheeks.





  1. worsiedog · December 9, 2009

    So, the ‘zapping’ thing… another pain in the behind patch glitch!

    V litterally got zapped home, that was not added for dramatic effect! Xander Clavell is the guy who got zapped onto her lawn in the morning… literally one second he wasn’t there, the next second he was… GRRR!

    I have not had the half-blue lot issue recurring again for now *touch wood*, but with the City Hall shot my game did just freeze and make a sort of cyber screaming sound affect and then I managed to exit it via task manager.

    Also notice in that pic that I certianly can no longer see ‘inside’ City Hall, the whole carpet and so on is gone!

    The patch was supposed to make furniture inside neighbours homes visible… not only does that not work, but now it seems it has messed up the inside of community lots when looking from the outside?

    It would be really nice if for christmas we could get a patch fix for the patch fix that fixed the patch. It would also be really nice to get no glitches in patches in the future.

    Please Santa! I have been a good girl.

  2. DB loves her Mac · December 9, 2009

    That’s very weird! I bet you were about to scream – no more bad things should happen to your legacy game! You’ve already had one big mess to sort out.

    I second your request to Santa.

    Nice progression of the story… either place would make a beautiful wedding!

    • worsiedog · December 9, 2009

      Thanks DB! I see lots of beach weddings, so we might settle for the waterfall… though I am thinking of somewhere else as well.

      I hope my game doesn’t flunk:/ LOL, you right! I don’t need to sort out more messes!

      Maybe we should bake Santa some cookies, then we might get lucky.

      I had to bring the box back, because I had planned before I played valentia that somehow, Maxi would leave a message for the heir. A box seemed logical and I have not explained it thus far because I wanted to fit it in later.

  3. Sue D Nim · December 9, 2009

    Christopher is definitely a keeper. What a sweet guy.

    Love V’s expression at seeing that anchovy.

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      Maybe V had a premonition about her ‘zapping’ and that explains the anchovy facial expression LOL

      Christopher is very sweet… He desperately needs a m/o though, but of course I can’t risk doing it now because of the dumb mirror glitch 😦

  4. Chrysame · December 9, 2009

    It’s official. I am an Evil Concarnie groupie. He exercises in his suit. Obviously, doesn’t bother to shower after yet doesn’t seem self-conscious about it. He boogies in the park and goes jogging in speedos and his bare feet. Yep, I luvs him.

    V and Christopher sure seem happy together. I can’t remember, does he know about her penchant for “borrowing” things?

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      No Christopher is clueless as to her “penchant for ‘borrowing’ things”… LOL loved how you put it! Perhaps he will get an idea though as her lot becomes more fancy even though she is not earning that much.

      I took a screenshot of all she has bought lately, but I wanted to end the chapter with the box at city hall so I’ll include it in the next update.

      LOL I love Evil … I never thought he would be such a interesting character! I confess I am a groupie myself 🙂

  5. Dee · December 10, 2009

    Hmmm, must be something magical about that anchovie. Really not trying to make light of your zapping around. I too will be so happy when we get another patch. I’m tired of the weird thigns happening. a few bugs and glitches are okay but some of these things are just ridiculous.

    I was laughing out loud at your burglar alarm on that lone wall.

    Clavell looks like he’s asleep on his feet.

    Evil may be insane but he sure does look good in those speedos.

    I love the way they look around to make sure no one is watching when they steal somthing.

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      LOL maybe the anchovy was a key to another dimension or something.

      Hear hear about a new patch!

      Myself and V certianly didn’t want that $1800 loo to get stolen! I mean there is a serial loo thief in Scarlet Symphony’s legacy and I certianly don’t want him hopping vial the link into my story!

      I definately had to buy a burglar alarm.

      Clavell was doing that passout thing that the sims have been doing who refuse to go to bed even though they are exhausted. Poor dude… he was not there when V got back home though.

      I found notes from when I made Evil… one of his traits is athletic, so that explains his exercising, but also why he looks so good in a speedo;)

      I also love the way they look around before they steal something… incidentally, until that VFN Compensator, all V’s stealing was FREEWILL stealing.

  6. moondaisy101 · December 10, 2009

    Shoosh, I love this update! your takes of Val are absolutely gorgeous!

    Oh, so Agnes is going on a holiday… Lovely! Looking forward on seeing what she brings home. 😉

    Ah, Evil! I’m sorry but I still can’t believe he is. he never threatened her, but seems totally enthralled just watching her. Adorable!

    Goodness, another cliffhanger. I’m off to the Spa for some worsiedog nail polish. That or I have to buy Vita Alto’s gloves! 🙂

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      LOL moondaisy…

      Unfortunately SP made Agnes leave the game… I was planning to develop a friendship with her and V that lasted to old age. I can’t understand why she left because they were good friends. I had to think of a good story to explain her future absence.

      Soon we will all know the truth about dear Evil;)

  7. SummerSong86 · December 10, 2009

    Okay I’m officially hooked on your story and have read through the whole thing tonight. I’m not normally one to read sims stories but dang, girl, you can tell a story! I found this story via google when I googled “Sherman Bagley” and your site was pointed out as mentioning he was struck by lightning 37 times. Poor Sherman! I’ve been trying to find out everything I can about Sherman Bagley because in my own town he took on a life of his own. This is your blog so I won’t relate what he’s like in my game, here, but I am taken by surprise after playing through Sims2 and Sims1 and NEVER being interested in the EA generated sims, that this one has shoved aside all my own lovingly crafted or downloaded sims and taken over my game. So I wanted to see if this sort of thing happens to other players. Sims 3 sims are kind of freaky in a way I can’t explain!

    I’m just amazed at how your Evil sim took on a life of his own in your story. Talk about freaky.

    I don’t know what it means to play a legacy but I gather you’re tightly bound to some strict rules. I hope the glitches don’t ruin your legacy.

    I also suffer that aging glitch with the mirror. Also, the most expensive plumbing fixtures break down almost daily, often several times daily in my house since the patch and installation of WA. So even when your family gets their “dream toilet” don’t count on it behaving! I laughed so hard to see the alarm on that one wall where the toilet is. In an odd way it’s a touching tribute to Morticia. Gosh I actually got a bit emotional when Jon passed away and then reading how they couldn’t meet again as ghosts.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that you overcome your problems with the game. I do okay since I abandoned all my old saved games and started fresh with the new patch and WA and no custom content. But gosh we can’t be expected to abandon long-running saved games every time they patch the danged game or bring out an EP.

    I eagerly await your next installment.

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      Thanks for the kind words and for reading my legacy 🙂

      Can’t believe you read it all in one night… but thanks!

      The rules I am bound by can be found in the miscellaneous section on the right hand side link widget: “Pinstar’s legacy challange rules”

      His rules are quite rigid compared to other legacy rules I have found since, but this was my first legacy attempt ever.

      Jon and Morti were very sweet together, I am sad that it had to end eventually, as all good things do.

      Evil Concarnie surprised me as well, I really love his character!

      Sherman Bagley was a possible love interest for Morti, but in the end Jon won her heart. Sherman and Morti remained close friends until his passing, they had many interactions together but sadly I did not take many pics.

      I find it frustrating that it has been said that a possible solution to fix all glitches is to start a new game. As I keep saying, what about Legacy players?

      I bought sims2 but could not play it for about 6months because my PC was too old. I finally got a new PC then slowly build up all the EPs. I have a game I started in 2007, it still works perfectly even after installing all the EP’s and the SPs. I can’t see why we can’t expect the same from Sims3.

      Thanks again for stopping by, it really makes my day when I discover a comment from someone new who enjoys my legacy as much as I do.

  8. Mau · December 10, 2009

    I um… what are we on now? Oh well, I agree with the Santa request! Aaaarghhhh! I hate suspense! Although I love it when it’s somebody else!

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      Thanks very much for visiting my story 🙂

      I’ll have a new chapter up tomorrow… so I hope that will somewhat relieve the suspence.

  9. pinkfiend1 · December 10, 2009

    Hopefully your glitches will get srted out soon. Althoug if the glitches want to get rid of Christopher you should let them. Afterall Christopher is the dvil incarnate, and Evil Concarnie seems so nice, in a kinda stalkerish way.

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      Christopher is the devil incarnate? o_O
      Do you know something that I should know?

      Thing with Evil is he is my created sim, not a bin sim or default game creation:/

      Thanks very much for visiting my legacy Pinkfiend!

  10. Rad · December 11, 2009

    Is V good, and a thief? The way this game lets you combine traits is truly odd.

    Did you name Evil Evil, or is he a game sim? He intrigues me.

    I laughed at Geraldine and the toilet. From being a toddler in that infamous photo to now, after she’s gone, toilets will be what she’s remembered for!

    • DB loves her Mac · December 11, 2009

      Maybe she’s like Robin Hood? Take from the rich, and give to the poor. She’s been living outdoors like he did lately, anyway. 🙂

      • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

        LOL DB.. well she is giving to the poor of sorts *cough*

        Her lawn living is getting quite luxurious let’s put it that way LOL

        I took a screenshot of what she has acquired, but it was not appropriate to fit in this chapter so I’ll add it later.

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      She rolled good and slob as a baby. I picked the family trait klepto and her second random roll was vituoso and the game gave her angler at YA.

      It is weird how the game lets you combine anything, I agree. But I am relieved because if klepto is your family trait it would be most upsetting if you got good making it impossible to get klepto.

      Evil is a sim I created myself.

      LOL Rad! You know what, I didn’t even think of that toilet connection and Geraldine until you mentioned it! 🙂

  11. jurocha · December 12, 2009

    I hope nothing bad happens to your game again. But just in case… backup, export Valentia to exchange, to Mediafire as well as Chris. They’re a beautiful couple and deserve to have a big wedding despite EA’s bad taste for patches and fixes.

    PS: DB comment on Valentia being like Robin Hood was pretty good. And I think it fits. 🙂

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      I have a backup save game of V, I keep one now all the time because of the save file loss from before. I also have her saved in the family bin in my game.

      I also had a good giggle at DB’s comment.

  12. pinkfiend1 · December 12, 2009

    I know I forgot to mention I love your legacy. Purely because I had it in my head I’d already commented previously, I know I am absent-minded.As for Chris Steel he automosly always ends up with few illigitamate kids, and a few ex wives whenever I play Sunset Valley, I think it’s his great kisser, friendly thing. Plus he wants a perfet aquarium which always bugs me. And he’s a blooming daredevil.
    So Val is a good klepto and still steals thing? Mine refuses to steal things and never gets the option to. So jealous.

    • Mau · December 13, 2009

      Once in my game, Chris ended up going out with Erin Kennedy and had a kid with her!!!

      • worsiedog · December 13, 2009

        Chris has that sweet and innocent nerdy appeal about him… LOL, though I wish V could hook up with someone like Evil

      • Mau · January 4, 2010

        and then married her!

    • worsiedog · December 13, 2009

      Thanks for the tips.. LOL, I wonder what I will find in his relationships window when he moves in eventually… I often get a little shock when I move a mate in.

      V has not recognised all his traits yet, but at least she knows he is a good kisser *wink*

      Maybe her slob trait overides her good trait and means she doesn’t care if she steals things?

      I did notice though that V can only steal at certian hours of the day, and she can only steal one or two items and not continuously.

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