~I am a CrinkleWinkle~

I wake up with a renewed sense of self.  Maybe it is because I slept so deeply, so peacefully.  I can’t remember when last I slept without waking up in the middle of the night screaming and thrashing at the bedcovers.

I reflect on my situation… yes, I am in a new town with only one newly made friend.  Yes, I have no roof over my head and do not have many possessions.  But, I own this land…

my land… and it is beautiful.

It is a fresh start for me, it is a new beginning.  I am the master of my own destiny.  I can make it happen.  Afterall, I am a CrinkleWinkle, and if nanna could do it all those years ago, then so can I!

I head into town and go straight to the theatre.  I need to support myself, my pockets are almost empty.  There is only one career choice for me, I can earn a living and be happy at the same time.

EmploymentI join the music profession.  I don’t care what I do, as long as I am surrounded by music, as long as I can play my guitar.  I head to the park to do just that.  The people in SV seem starved for music.  A crowd always gathers when I play… but I am never aware of them when I am playing, because I become lost in the music.

Lost in the musicWhile I stand there playing, slowly healing my soul, people throw money in my case.  I only realise this after, but it proves to be quite lucrative.  When I count up the pennies it is $391!  $391 for doing something I love?  It makes me feel warm and glowy inside.  Perhaps they do not see me as a SAD! sim here… perhaps I can be normal.

As if sensing my joy, beautiful green butterflies do a fluttery, summery dance around me… that makes me smile some more.

ButterfliesI get caught up in the moment and I decide to call Christopher.  Maybe we can go out together later.  I am nervous when I dial his number, I have no idea why.  We are just friends afterall.  Maybe I am nervous because I am reaching out to someone, this is very hard for me to do.  The butterflies become butterflies in my stomach and my heart catches in my throat.  Oh no… please don’t pass out…

Luckily the brief moment passes, and the euphoria takes hold again.  Christopher agrees to meet me later at the Bistro.  He says it is charming…

Dubious elements… he fails to mention the dubious clientèlle.

But nonetheless we enjoy ourselves.  Christopher is easy to talk to.  I don’t feel judged when I am with him.  Maybe this move was not such a bad thing, maybe things are getting better.

ConnectingAnd then it comes to me… it has been building up in me all day, finally I realise that what I am feeling, for the first time in a very long time…

…  is hope.


“note from worsiedog”

I do not feel it is fitting for the story as it is unfolding, but I know I have to mention Valentia’s final trait roll and LTW.  Here is a recap.

Personality traits -> slob, virtuoso, good, kleptomanic, angler

LTW -> Renaissance Sim

(she rolled this repeatedly as a teen in foster care so I locked it in for her)





  1. Chrysame · November 4, 2009

    The butterflies, playing her music, the date…I can feel her life turn around. *claps* More, please.

    • worsiedog · November 4, 2009

      🙂 I enjoyed writing these last two chapters, I wanted to give Valentia a depth of character.

      Believe me her life is definately going to be turning around! *wink*

      Thanks for reading Chrysame, I have been updating this blog and playing the 2nd day of the freewill experiments *rolls eyes*, so i will check out your new klepto blog as soon as I am done.

  2. nessva · November 4, 2009

    Hope is definitely all around this chapter! And ooooh, she does like Christopher 🙂

    • worsiedog · November 4, 2009

      Yes, she does like him.. isn’t it cute the way she smiles at him in that last pic.

  3. Rad · November 4, 2009

    Lovely chapter, and I’m so glad to see your legacy back on its feet.

    • worsiedog · November 5, 2009

      Thanks Rad!

      Yes it is on it’s feet. Lots of intrigue and drama coming! Lol

  4. Dee · November 4, 2009

    I don’t know how I missed these last three but am caught up with you now. I found them this morning but didn’t have time to read it all before work.

    This is great. Very interesting. I feel like I’m reading a book.

    In the last pic you can see she really does have hope.

    You made a great recovery.

    • worsiedog · November 5, 2009

      Thanks Dee!

      These last three chapters I posted over the last two days so that is proberbly why you missed them.

  5. moondaisy101 · November 5, 2009

    Lovely chapter – her lifetime wish is so fitting. Valentia sees and loves beauty all around her. It makes her very beautiful too.

    LOL at Jared Frio causing a fight.

    That last picture is very sweet. I did not realise she had red streaks in her hair.

    Another strong Crinklewinkle woman who will leave her stamp on the history of Sunset Valley!

  6. worsiedog · November 5, 2009

    *waves* @ moondaisy.

    Yes, I thought it was fitting too. She just kept rolling it, somehow as if she had carried the saved data loss with her and knew that this was a rebirth and that she would be the beginning. I guess she realises that she is lucky to be alive and that everyday is a gift and she should cherish it.

    She got mom’s hair, though slightly lighter, I guess that was to do with Joss’s platinum hair. I did not ‘dye’ her hair like I did with Evangeline LOL

    *sighs* @ Jared… you know moondaisy, when I first got sims3, my sim skye masterson was BFF with him and he came over all the time, and I did not notice his temper… I must have been playing half arse or something.. because now I see him causing trouble all over!

    He has been causing a ruckus in the freewill experiment as well.

    This CrinkleWinkle woman has to be strong, there is lots coming her way.

    Thanks again for all the lovely comments.

  7. DB loves her Mac · November 8, 2009

    How perfect that she rolled “rebirth” as her LTW!!!!

    And I bet she likes Christopher partly because they can go fishing together, since they’re both anglers.

    • worsiedog · November 8, 2009

      The renaissance roll really pleased me…it was really just fitting and perfect. It was almost as if the game wanted to somehow make up for making me so sad before LOL

  8. jurocha · December 10, 2009

    You’ve done an amazing job surviving code 12, 13 and the black screen of death. Congratulations! And the finishing line of this chapter was very, very nice and romantic.


    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      Thanks 🙂

      It was sad when I lost everything, but I think it was a good thing in the end of it all.

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