~Cat and mouse~

Planting memories, both old and newI wake up early in the morning with a purpose.

I have to plant the seeds I found in the park yesterday.  I will plant the seeds and they will symbolise my old memories, my roots.  Now that I have new foundations I want my old memories to grow with me.  I do not want them to be forgotten.

Along with these old memories, of mom, aunt Geraldine, dear Jefferson, Evangeline, the little twins, nanna… new memories will be planted as well.  Future generations of CrinkleWinkle’s will tend this garden and remember, and in tending it they will honor those before them.

The day passes uneventfully, I go to my earlybird aerobic class, where Agnes tells me that Tamara steals boyfriends.  I immediately think of Christopher… but then I remind myself that he is not my boyfriend.  I go to work and at the end of the shift my boss comes and tells me that I have been promoted to a ‘Stagehand’… How cool, more opportunities to get to know more musicians.

As I run across the road to look for more seeds and dive into one of the yummie picnic baskets there, I spot a familiar figure out the corner of my eye…

He is thereI take a moment to observe my surroundings… they are beautiful.  I am so lucky to be alive…  I am so grateful to be able to see this night, that waterfall, those mountains.

Each day is a gift, sometimes one forgets that when getting caught up in the monotony of everyday life.  I am reminded of something someone once said to me, “Don’t sweat the small stuff…”.  Too true that.

The night is beautifulBut then my thoughts go back to that man… who is he?  Why does he always appear to be where I am all the time?  More coincidences?  Or something more sinister?

After my hotdog, it’s time to play for tips.  I run across the road to play outside the music theatre.  I am pleased to notice that word of my sessions has gotten around and quite a crowd gathers around me to listen.  I wonder if dear Agnes helped with that in the ‘simvine’.

It has become easier for me to engage my audience, to make them feel part of the music.  It is not just me in my own world, playing for myself anymore… there are others.  The man is still there of course, at that bench, but he appears to be muttering to himself.  Maybe he is a lost soul.

He muttersEventually the crowds disperse and I pack up my guitar, if only I could play all night, but even I need to rest.  The generous town folk gave me over $300 again.

I walk past the man as I leave, almost daring him to say something to me, to do something… anything, just to tell me what he wants…

He pretends… but he just sits there and says nothing.

He looks at his book as if I am not there, maybe I am just paranoid afterall.

In the early morning hours I wake up from a restless sleep.  Weird distorted images of the man flood my head.  I do something careless without thinking.

I sneak across the road to the house where I have seen the man come out before.  The fall of my footsteps echo loudly in my head… I can hardly breathe as I creep towards the bushes on the side of the house.  From the cover of a privet I stare through the leaves into the window beyond…

He knows… and he turns and looks back at me.

Filled with terror I bolt back home and dive under the covers of my bed.  As if that is protection!  I keep forgetting I have no walls.

But he does not come… he does not rush over and ask me why I was spying.  Weariness overcomes me, maybe this is all a dream.  Maybe I am dreaming that I am awake but really I am sleeping.  With those confusing thoughts, darkness rushes over me again.

He watchesMeanwhile… Valentia is unaware that the man drives past and stares at her sleeping.

Later when I wake up, I am not sure if it was all a dream or if it really happened.  Shivers run down my spine as I stand there on my lawn feeling naked and exposed.

I need to get out.  I had heard from a “Birdie” that the spa was just the place to relax and feel rejuvinated.  I book myself a deep tissue massage as well as a manicure/pedicure.

That “Birdie” sure was right.  I feel so energised afterwards.  The aching muscles I had earlier from my restless night are a distant memory.  Perhaps I will spend every Sunday off at the spa getting special treatment in the future.

I decide to call Christopher and ask if we can meet for a late lunch.  We have not seen each other in two days and I miss his company.  I don’t think I will tell him about the man, he might think I am a loon.  He might begin to look at me like they did in Riverview.  I couldn’t bare that.

Christopher and I meet at the Bistro as usual.  Across at City Hall the town folk are protesting against crime in Sunset Valley.  Christopher speaks very passionately about it, he has very strong views on what should happen to thieves and other criminals.  How can I ever tell him about mom now?  A slight feeling of dread fills my heart, but I try not to think about it, rather enjoy this moment I tell myself.

While we are eating, Christopher tells me that Tamara Donner has been calling him alot lately…

Cough splutter choke… needless to say I almost choke on my burger.  We’ll see about that missy!

Poor Christopher is such a goof, he does not realise she is the black widow incarnate.  Men can be so gullible at times.

I make a note to mention this to Agnes when I see her at gym on Monday.  Of course I act all casual about what he just told me and pretend that food went down the wrong way.  The rest of the meal is filled with idle chitchat and afterwards Christopher asks me if I might play my guitar.

For some reason I am extremely nervous at the thought of playing for him.  My palms become sweaty and I make excuses to freshen up in the ladies quickly.  When I come outside the sun is just beginning to set, I start to play and forget the nervousness I felt earlier.

Valentia forgets herselfMusic afterall, is the voice of my soul.





  1. worsiedog · November 13, 2009

    I apologise for not posting this last night as promised. It was rather difficult to go from the comedy that is freewill to the seriousness that is Valentia.

    The words were just not flowing right so I decided to call it a night and finish it up this morning.

    The crowd Valentia talks about when she plays outside the theatre was about 8 sims. I needed to get a pic of the man, so they did not get a moment in the limelight.

  2. DB loves her Mac · November 13, 2009

    That last pic is full of win! I love the way she loosens up and her eyes brighten when she plays the guitar. It’s a good contrast to her brooding, doubting moments.

    Yay for the garden!

    • worsiedog · November 13, 2009

      Yes she really does feel alive when she plays guitar, and I loved that pic and had to find some way to fit it into the story.

      LOL, I was thinking of naming the pic of her gardening “I am not Seth”, but I did that in the freewill legacy with Duncan’s gardening pic instead…

      At least Valentia has good intentions with her garden.

      Something interesting… the pic of the man looking back at Valentia in the window…

      …I was spying on him myself with the camera in tab mode, and I swear he knew I was there, because he turned and looked at me and I almost pooped in my pants! His mouth even curled up in a smirk of sorts. LOL… didn’t sleep very well that night.

  3. nessva · November 13, 2009

    The photo of her choking at the mentioning of Tamara is funny, not that she’s choking but that you tied it in with that 😀
    The closeup of Vanentia at night with the waterfall in the background is absolutely beautiful. Great chapter =)

    p.s. that man is creepy!!

    • worsiedog · November 13, 2009

      Thanks Nessva 🙂

      The pic of Valentia and the waterfall is my legacy banner, but I wanted to show the whole pic somewhere in the legacy as it is really pretty and I am proud of that snapping moment. I am glad you like it.

      LOL, that Tamara is a darn floozie! I wanted to write her into the story abit, because she made Valentia realise a little further on that lolly gagging around with regards to husband material in SV is not a good idea. In fact I think that is the next update.

      I played a bit ahead after the game crash to try and get a feel for how I would go about rebuilding my legacy. A good thing I guess, since atm I can do updates without playing which gives me more time to study for my exam.

      Also, I had to see how ‘the man’ would fit into it all 😉

  4. Dee · November 14, 2009

    Seeing that man looking back at you from inside his house even gave me the chills.
    Still outside every morning in her undies. Does she have an enclosed bathroom or is that allowed in legacies?
    Love the pics, especially the one with the waterfall in the background and the last one.

    • worsiedog · November 14, 2009

      You can have a bathroom, with morticia I just had a toilet against a wall which got stolen on the first or second night…. lol..

      So so far I have not bothered with anything. She has the bed, then one wall which is painted blue and a mirror on the one side but not the loo yet.
      Valentia has been going to the spa and buying guitar song books with her money since music has alot to do with her becoming a stronger woman.

      SV is alot easier to play though with regard to free food. In Riverview the gym does not have a fridge and also there isn’t really a big park with picnic baskets, though next to the grocery or bookstore can’t remember which there is a table on the side which always has a default picnic basket.

    • worsiedog · November 14, 2009

      I thought that last pic just says Valentia so nicely… the waterful pic is my favorite pic I have taken so far.

  5. Rad · November 16, 2009

    All the photos in this update are beautiful. And the plot thickens…

    • worsiedog · November 16, 2009

      Thanks Rad 🙂 Except for that one of him in the car, it does not look so great small, but I guess one can click on it to see the full image. I had to add it though, as he really does seem to be stalking her.

  6. carebear728 · November 16, 2009

    Awww I hope she kicks Tamara in her hiney

    • worsiedog · November 16, 2009

      At least Tamara makes one realise that eligible batchelors when doing a legacy are as scarce as hen’s teeth. LOL

  7. moondaisy101 · November 22, 2009

    Oh! And we still dont know about ‘the man’. Creepy he drives past while she’s sleeping. Well don for another promotion and…

    Ha-ha at the birdie reference – you should have called her/it ‘pixie’, silly you! 🙂

    Hehe, yes Tamara can be a bit of a handful. I’m sure Val will deal adequately with that hussie. (Loved the ‘choking’ bit.)

    Great story, worsiedog! 🙂

    • worsiedog · November 22, 2009

      Thanks moondaisy…

      The guy staring at her in the car as he drove past really freaked me out… I had a few pics but this was the best one, but you really have to click on it to see how he is looking at her. But I had to add it to the story for the whole ‘spookiness’ factor.

      I could not called it ‘pixie’ as I never fully understood the benefits of the spa until I discovered how Gordon used it thanks to ‘birdie’s’ nudging along! LOL That really opened my eyes to possibilities. Before that I hardly ever went to the spa only really if they wished it. Now I see how it can be used in the game to enhance your sim’s performance.

      Tamara needs a pixel slap! LOL, glad you liked this update.

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