~A moment of weakness~

How blessed I am to wake up to this loveliness each morning.  That crisp, fresh smelling sea air blowing up the hill, gently rustling the leaves in the trees at the edge of my land.  I lie in bed for a few minutes, wiggling  my toes under the duvet.

Snuggling deeper into my pillow I listen to the birds tweet and think of that sweet man of mine and the wonderful evening we shared together last night.  I giggle deliciously as I contemplate Tamara’s little drama queen episode.  Storming off in a huff, I ask you.  Perhaps she was expecting Christopher to run after her.  That thought makes me snicker.

I can’t lie in bed ‘smelling my bum’ all day though, I have to go to work and impress my boss.  I also have two things to do before that.

I have to garden…

… as gardening helps me to think and I have some things to think about.

At least I had the foresight not to garden in my undies this time.  Then again, I have slightly lost my sense of safety lately.

Rythmically pulling the weeds makes my mind wonder.  That man, who is he?  Surely bumping into him all the time can’t just be coincidence after coincidence?

He has this menacing presence about him.  Predator-like in a way.  He seems so aware of everything even though he seems to ‘pretend?’ (maybe), to be busy with something else.  It is unsettling and I feel uneasy.

Something has been mulling in my mind for awhile… could that man possibly be related to that night?  Oh my! I never thought of making a connection before.  Am I in danger?  The thought is too terrifying to contemplate.

But surely if the man was indeed involved with all that, he would have gotten rid of me by now?  I get an unsettling feeling in my stomach, there is no way I can go to work without speaking to someone about this.  But who to call?

I think of Agnes, but she would not be able to give me concrete facts.  She doesn’t even know about my past.  If I have not even told Christopher then I certianly can’t call her!  How would I explain it anyway?

I settle for Police Chief Justin Long.  He is surprised to hear from me, he jokingly admits he can’t imagine me ‘all grown up’.  I ask him if there are any new leads on the case.  Unfortunately, as usual, there is nothing.  It is as if a ghost set our house on fire.  It is as if mom’s screams were imagined.  I choke up and it is hard to ask the question I need to.

“Umm… this is hard to say, I am not sure if I am going mad or not, Police Chief.”

“Call me Justin, Police Chief is too formal for my liking.  You went through a terrible ordeal Valentia, one can expect feelings like that.  What is worrying you?”

“Well, … there is this man.  He seems to always be where I am.  Like he is following me or something?  I resolved in my mind that he was just an overzelous fan… I play music now you know… anyway, he just always seems to be there… all the time.”

“Well, the world is full of men Valentia, you don’t have a name for me?  I could run it through the database and see if anything pops up?”

“No, (sighs) I don’t have a name.  He is, well tall… and he is just menacing looking.  I feel like I am a Cape Fur Seal and he is a Great White Shark… sort of.”

“Has he threatened you in any way at all, Valentia?”

“No… that’s the thing.  He just always appears to be where I am. “

“Valentia, you need to get me a name so that I can look into this for you.  But perhaps he is just a fan, (chuckles) maybe he even has a crush on you?”

“Pfft, that is ridiculous!  Besides I have a boyfriend.  Anyway thanks Police… err, I mean, thanks Justin.  Thanks for listening.”

“Anytime Valentia, do please get back to me with a name if you can.”

Well, that only slightly helps to set my mind at ease.  Maybe he is just a rabid fan. I am upset that the person responsible for killing my family is still at large.  What if he/she is going around killing other people?  Suddenly I feel cold all over.

I am relieved to see it is time for gym, but when I get there I am not really in the mood to exercise.  I need to have a shower… because boy, does gardening make you pong!  After my shower I decide to rather learn a song before  work.

… as always, he stands close by… watching.

Reading that book and learning the new song must have paid off, because I receive a promotion at work!  I am now officially a ‘Band Manager’.  Sounds laa-dee-daa, for sure.

As I come out the theatre I am not even surprised this time when I see him standing outside… just… well, standing there.

I am famished and though those picnic baskets are enticing I think I will try my hand at grilling something this evening.  Fish it is…

Oops, I hope noone saw that?

“Hopefully noone noticed that I dropped a fillet on the ground…”

I think to myself as I pick it up, blow it off and pop it back on the grill to burn off any excess grit.  Unfortunately I get a bit over enthusiastic about burning off the grit, and the fish sets on fire! Dag nabbit!

Burnt Offerings

In a moment that feels out of character for me, I decide to steal the grill…I think I need to practice this grilling thing at home before I go public.

I think the stress made me do that!  I know I have an inherited kleptomania, but I do try to control it… well most of the time, anyway.

All clear?

I am a bit freaked out at how good I feel after I steal it!  Shame on you, Valentia!  It’s time to go home anyway.  Tomorrow I plan to find out more about that man.

Valentia does not notice that the man across the road is smiling as he watches her steal the grill.

Meanwhile… in a town far, far away…

… a little girl plots a diabolical plan of vengeance…





  1. worsiedog · December 3, 2009

    First of all I have to apologise for the gym pic. I was still not so aware of ‘walls up’ when I took that… also sorry for the plumbob :/

    Secondly, sorry this update is so overdue… my adsl cap was almost full last week, thus I could not upload pictures. When I got to updating my page on Tuesday, my adsl decided to just go off!

    Off until yesterday afternoon, but then on/off on/off on/off like those christmas tree lights you get until it became stable enough to load pictures this morning!

    Very annoying indeed!

    Anyway, so apologies for all that. Exams are over now and barring internet malfunction updates should be back to normal from now on.

    Thanks again for reading!

  2. DB loves her Mac · December 3, 2009

    Oh, my! That is one scary little girl. Is that who I think it is? A certain relative? Who had a disappointing birthday?

    • worsiedog · December 3, 2009

      DB, are you Sherlock Holmes in disguise? LOL

      That evil party look had to be brought into the story somehow, when it eventually happens I hope you like how I did it.

  3. Dee · December 3, 2009

    Ohhh, left me hanging there.

    The update is great and I’m glad you’re back.

    That man just looks so…. evil.

    • worsiedog · December 3, 2009

      Thanks Dee, glad you liked the update.
      Darn internet is really annoying. I don’t know why we can’t get unlimited cap like overseas without paying a shockingly disgraceful amount for it!

      He does look evil, doesn’t he. LOL…
      I still love they way he followed her around all over. Hopefully with the new patch that does not stop. I have not loaded this game since the patch, but I am going to have to do it after the next update.

  4. Rad · December 3, 2009

    Oooh, great update and GREAT ending.

    • worsiedog · December 3, 2009

      Thanks Rad, glad you liked it! Am trying to perfect that cliffhanger thing… or at least do it better than Sylvester Stallone did it…

  5. nessva · December 3, 2009

    That was a great update, definitely worth the wait.
    Valentia keeps getting prettier and prettier. LOL@her stealing the grill to practice her grill-skilling 😀
    I think that evil guy is related to the fire somehow..
    and is that…vampire baby??

    • worsiedog · December 3, 2009

      LOL, yes that is the vampire kid who was dissapointed with the party… more on her later *cough*

      LOL as for V stealing the grill, she is a klepto afterall…(my fav sims to play besides for the insane, never nudies) before my moral sense of duty was saying Klepto is wrong.. I did not realise the fun one could have with it until I read Chrysame’s klepto diary…


      … besides V has too many pent up issues and she NEEDS to express it in some way… expect more theft in the long run.

      As for the evil guy… time will tell 😉

  6. Chrysame · December 3, 2009

    So glad to see you posting! I’m wondering if perhaps the man isn’t evil? Maybe he’s not stalking her. Maybe he’s watching out for her? Possibly?

    Who is the child in the Jack Skellington dress? She reminds me of Patty McCormack in that old movie, The Bad Seed. *shivers*

    • worsiedog · December 3, 2009

      LOL Chrysame… I was rather annoyed because I made that outfit especially for her alone and then in ‘freewill experiments’ kids were wearing her getup left, right and centre…. obviously, like us, they all have an inkling of ‘evil’ inside when pushed.

      The kid is the disappointed kid from the birthday party before the fire in gen 2 *wink*

      As for the man… time will tell *cough*

  7. Nicarra60/PiB · December 3, 2009

    I had to go back and read the last bit of chapter two to work out who the girl was.

    I’ll be interested in finding out who the mystery guy is. I’m beginning to think he’s an agent sent to watch and see who tries to finish off the Crinklewinkle line. He’s there but not obviously threatening or deliberately scary. Just watching.

    • worsiedog · December 3, 2009

      Just watching…

  8. moondaisy101 · December 6, 2009

    Wow! Intriguing update!

    You, know I wondered why Val didn’t say the man lives across the road. Well, at least she is aware she might be in danger. That must be a terrible feeling to live with, but at least she knows she has to be careful.

    Lol @ her ‘taking’ the grill. Does the game replace items that ‘disappear’ from community lots?

    Oh and the creepy kid…
    Sylvester Stallone should take lessons from you. 🙂

    Loved it!

    • worsiedog · December 6, 2009

      Hi moondaisy!
      Things seem to take forever to regenerate once stolen. Dee was looking into that to see how long it took for things to be replaced.

      The grill is on her lot but she can’t use it atm as she has no fridge lol

      I guess she forgot to mention that fact to Justin because she was so focused on feeling like a fat furry Cape fur seal pup 🙂

      Yes, that darn creepy kid… still gives me nightmares.

      • moondaisy101 · December 10, 2009

        Bril! Glad with the explanation 🙂
        You know, she can grill by simply having the links in her backpack. They won’t go off or anything.
        She can pick them up straight after work too 🙂

        • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

          Thanks for that tip moondaisy, I didn’t think of that.

  9. catherinesims3 · December 11, 2009

    Whoa Nellie. If that kid is who I am pretty sure you and DB are implying that is . . . um . . . is who I think it is . . . wow, need more coffee. Huh?

    Anyway, if it is who I think y’all mean, she was scary when she was younger and I’m going to be scared of her again now if it’s still her.

    Like, seriously. She CREEPED me out.


    MUST get more coffee.

    Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my catchup time this morning. I wish I had time to read more, because it looks like the next updates have to do with the mystery man, but I really must go. Sigh. I’ll be back soon. Your writing and picture taking are getting better all the time.

    • worsiedog · December 12, 2009

      Thanks for dropping by Catherine and thanks for the compliments.

      Yes she was very creepy indeed! Gave me nightmares for sure. LOL

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