Gen 3

~All that remains~

“Hello…. you have reached the Riverview Police Department, how can we be of assistance”?

“…(shallow breathing)…”

“Hello…Mam/Sir, what is your emergency?”

“…please… please come… (muffled crying)…help…(phone interference)…”

“Mam, you will need to give me a location… What is the nature of your emergency?”

“…(coughing)…please… it’s Maximillion…(crying)…CrinkleWinkle…PLEASE HURRY!”

“Ms CrinkleWinkle, are you in danger?”

“…please come…(panicked breathing)…it’s “him”… please…come quickly…(phone interference)…he, (pause)he’s in the house…(sobbing)”

“Ms CrinkleWinkle, we have emergency services on the way, please try to stay calm.  Stay on the line with me.  Who is there Ms CrinkleWinkle?”

“…(crying)…burning…(cough), PLEASE HURRY…help us…the babies!”

“Ms CrinkleWinkle, is there a fire?”


“Ms CrinkleWinkle… hello?… is there a fire?”

“…(panicked  breathing)… he’s here…(muffled noices)…help…AAARRRRRR…(screaming)”

“Ms CrinkleWinkle! PLEASE respond?”

“…(muffled sounds of a scuffle)…(chilling laughter)…”

“Ms CrinkleWinkle….hello?”


“…(line goes dead)…”


(Live news report)

Jean Simmons

This is Jean Simmons reporting live from 345 Riverblossom Hills Drive.

In the early hours of this morning, police received an emergency call from the homeowner, a Ms Maximillion CrinkleWinkle.  At this stage details are sketchy, but it appears that a fire broke out somewhere in the house, rapidly spreading through the entire mansion.

Firemen have been on the scene for hours battling with the blaze.

Fireman Fred at the CrinkleWinkle residence

(footage captured earlier)

The Fire Chief has refused to comment until a full investigation has been completed.

"No comment..."

"No comment..."

So far noone has been pulled out of the inferno alive, and hopes are bleak that any family members survived this tragedy.

Police Chief Justin Long is working in collaboration with the forensic arson investigation unit and has vowed that no stone will be left unturned in this matter.

Police Chief - Justin Long (archives)

Police Chief - Justin Long (archives)


(Riverview Times, 6 hours later)

The peaceful, sleeping town of Riverview awoke to a shocking tragedy this morning.

Police and the Fire Department were called to the scene of an affluent Riverview family in the early hours.  345 Riverblossom Hills Drive, the home of the CrinkleWinkle’s, was ablaze and a number of explosions rocked the structure, toppling it to the ground.

Due to the explosions and the extreme heat and uncontrollability of the fire, Fire Chief Fred Nest has gone on record stating that arson is suspected.

“Only the presence of accelerants can account for the intense heat and massive explosions!  The home was new and was wired with electricity, not gas.  There is no way this was an electrical fire.”

He went on further to add,

“On investigation afterwards, we found evidence of  multiple points of origin as well as traces of an accelerant.  Evidence has been sent to the labs for further analysis.”

Jean Simmons questions Justin Long and Fred Nest

The fire was so intense that almost everything was obliterated from memory and although charred remains were found, it is impossible to establish the identity of the victims or how many there were conclusively, according to Forensic DNA experts at the scene.

Police Chief Justin Long confirmed a rumour that they had a young teenager in “protective custody” at the police station but would not go into more details, or infer if the 2 incidents were related.

-Jean Simmons-


(Riverview Times, 3 days later)

This reporter has managed to acquire a copy of the emergency services call placed to police from the home of Maximillion CrinkleWinkle on the fateful morning of the fire.

Searching for leads

From that tape it is clear that a menacing third party was involved in the terrible tragedy that befell this well-known family.

(Jefferson CrinkleWinkle, the hit movie composer, had  just completed a score for the new James Fond movie, “The spy who robbed me”.)

Police Chief Justin Long has hardly slept, keeping his promise to “…keep no stone unturned.” on this matter.  He has been seen around town questioning a number of people and gathering possible evidence to help futher the investigation.

BustedThere seems to be no trace of the mysterious “him”, alluded to in the emergency tapes.

Fire Chief Nest said that although there was evidence of arson and traces of a hydrocarbon-based accelerent, without a firm suspect this case would go nowhere.

In a later interview with Police Chief Long, he confirmed that the teen in ‘protective custody’ on the night of the fire was indeed a member of the CrinkleWinkle family.  Due to the highly sensitive nature of the case, the teen’s identity has been kept secret.

“The teen is visibly shaken and deeply traumatised by the death of her family.  She is in no way suspected in this case as she was picked up riding her bicycle near the cemetry about an hour before the emergency call came through.  She had been in police custody for her own protection in light of the situation.

The girl will be going into the Witness Protection Programme for her own safety until she reaches adulthood.  Upon investigation it has come to light that her mother Maximillion CrinkleWinkle, was involved with dealings in the ‘underworld’ and this may be key evidence in this case.

Although we still have no solid leads or definate suspects, the police continue to investigate this matter and do not consider this case closed.”

-Quoted from Police Chief Long-

This case will surely be burned into the memories of residents of Riverview for many years to come and our hearts and deepest sympathies go out to the young survivor.

May she find strength in the darkness and chaos.

-Jean Simmons-






  1. worsiedog · October 29, 2009

    Sorry this took awhile, but at least the exam is over and the update is finally here.

    This chapter is the result of some extremely creative brainstorming, which was sadly or (perhaps not so sadly) brought about by the malfunction of my game. *mumbles trashmouth comments at EA*

    Two days before this dramatic change of events was forced upon me, I got a code12 error. I fixed the badfile and it loaded fine and I carried on playing.

    Two days later I got a code13 error. I went back to my previous save and all seemed well. I should have known this was a sign!

    Just after the creepy baby shots, when Maximillion was getting ready for bed, I decided to save.

    I had the black screen of death crash *sob*.


    However I found a glimmer of hope in CAS. I am in no way as technically proficient as Catherine from “The DeCasims”, but I hope that this salvage of mine will be agreeable with all my readers.

    All will become more clearer in the next post as to how I plan to work around this DISASTER!

    Some things I learnt from this experience.

    *backup save files (doh!)
    *regularly save your legacy family to the bin
    *at all age cycles save a copy of your family member to CAS

    LOL… anyway, enjoy reading.

  2. Rad · October 29, 2009

    I thought this might have been your Code 12 post when I saw things were going wrong. I look forward to seeing what you do to take it further…this chapter was really exciting. Let the DeCasims be your example and don’t give up!

    • worsiedog · October 29, 2009

      Thanks Rad!

      I have taken the story to whole new level, and it is completely different to what it was.. lots of drama, intrique and mystery will be coming up with the CrinkleWinkle in protective custody.

      The DeCasims are an inspiration… I only wish I was as technically proficient as Catherine.

  3. polly75 · October 29, 2009

    Oh, wow! Started to read your Legacy blog now and I read this…! What will come out of this? Thrilling! You’re a great writer.

    • worsiedog · October 29, 2009

      Thanks very much polly:D Thanks for stopping by, what a place to start though.. LOL

      I hope you enjoy the rest of it, even if this was a spoiler for some of the previous chapters.. 🙂

  4. DB loves her Mac · October 29, 2009



    Five gold stars for rolling with it! I’m anxious to see what’s to come!

    • worsiedog · October 30, 2009

      Thanks DB!

      I was very depressed when this happened! I kept cursing myself for not doing that backup save thing.

      Then I was just going to ditch it, but I found ‘the’ CrinkleWinkle in CAS. I also have Morticia saved, for some reason, I thought I saved the others at the mirror… but I had not:( *blondness properbly*

      I had this whole side angle planned with Joss Granger’s creepy father and some naughtiness from RaphaelNinja and Evangeline. Jefferson was also about to fly out of the nest*sob* I miss him so much!!!! 😦 Geraldine was going to marry her freaky *James Woods* look-alike bf and I was attempting a big wedding in the (lol) cemetry -cos it’s pretty there- for Maxi.

      So at first I had a boring “flood destroys riverview” explanation… but then I came up with this other idea. And well… LOL gameplay got extremely freaky and weird and even had me looking over my shoulder!

      So the last 3 chapters were inspired not only by the new idea, but also the whole gameplay experience. I really did not play with ‘thick’ plots -and by that I mean layers and layers and layers of thickness-, but this was so awesome I started weaving my web *mwuhahaha*

      Oh and of course… as I played “The plot thickened” dun dun dun duh…

  5. Chrysame · October 30, 2009

    What a great legacy! I spent last night catching up and was stunned by the ending (or new beginning!). How creative of you to turn a horrible game loss into such an interesting plot twist.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing which twin was saved and what happens next.

    • worsiedog · October 31, 2009

      Thanks Chrysame 🙂 I just have to get one more screenshot before I post the update.

  6. moondaisy101 · October 31, 2009

    Oh, worsiedog!
    So sorry about the malfunction! What a horrible thing to happen!
    But your story has taken a great turn. Well done! I hope they get the Evil Emperor and quarter him!
    I’m very curious to know who the surviving teenager is.
    The reports were very realistic and brilliantly written!

    • worsiedog · October 31, 2009

      Thanks moondaisy. I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, I think the news reporter angle did the job well.

      Today was Rugby day in South Africa, so I have been sidetracked with that! LOL.

  7. Dee · October 31, 2009

    I just read this from beginning to end/beginning. I found this very interesting. I especially found you solution to your problem very interesting.
    I know who that teen is who is in protective custody. At least I think I do. This last one took me back to “The Omen”.
    I am so glad I finally found the link to your stories.

    • worsiedog · October 31, 2009

      Thanks Dee:)

      This was a tricky chapter.. the night of the disaster I thought I’d explain it by a town flood or something. BORING!!!
      But then I found a legitimate heir in the save bin.

      But really, the game unfolded in a certian way *not to give any spoilers for now*, and the plot took a completely unexpected direction.

      I can’t wait to post the next update and get into the meat of it.
      I was at odds however about starting over on a new blog, but I think I will keep it here and just redo a gen 3 “lawn living”.

  8. worsiedog · November 2, 2009

    I am having a problem with uploading IMAGES into my new post… the images are just not there! (even though it was working fine 5 mins ago)

    I have sent an email to support and hopefully they will get back to me soon.

    I apologise for the delay!


  9. catherinesims3 · November 12, 2009

    ZOMG. Freakin’ amazing!

    You know, of course, that having lost a legacy family in a similar crash, I feel tremendous sympathy for you. I remember what a frustrating time it was for me when I lost the DeCasims. Yes, there were tears. And cursing. Even now, I regret the loss of the original family tree data, and Ardra’s fox statue, and the portraits that were lost. Sniff.


    You are coming back with style! I hate that you had to lose the Crinklewrinkles like that – but kudos on coming up with a creative and interesting way to rebuild and continue your legacy. It was a great idea and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

    • worsiedog · November 12, 2009

      Thanks Catherine… yes you gave me epitomes of inspiration.

      But… in hindsight, this was the best thing that ever happened to my legacy!

      It is sad to lose all that was before, but sometimes a good cleaning of house does wonders for the soul.

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